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MagicBid enhances profits with AI-driven strategies, optimizing app and web growth for global success.

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MagicBid started as an ad exchange reseller in 2020, Now is a google MCM partner offering 25+ years of ad tech experience.

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App Monetization

A Single SDK to Reach the Top Bidders Ensure the highest eCPM for your app. A Unified Platform to Unleash Your Growth Get personalized insights to scale your apps.

Web Monetization

MagicBid.ai Experts aggregates and learns various exchanges performance data, offer flexible monetization solutions to help web and app publishers to earn more without giving up control.

CTV Monetization

Learn how to boost your revenue by seamlessly integrating video ads into your CTV platform. Start optimizing your CTV monetization strategy today with MagicBid.

Manage ADX Exchange Account

Managed Ad-Operations

40+ Demand partners Engine

Single Integration type

Rich Media Ads

In-app Bidding

Magic Shield BY MagicBid

Traffic quality is central to all your business goals. Ad Fraud and Invalid traffic will never stop, and the only realistic way to get good traffic is a result of accurate verification, fast action, transparent reporting and being financially accessible.

Magic of Filters

More than 130+ filters tracking down IVT as per MRC guidelines

Flexible System

Switch on & Switch Off Filters for a per advertiser or per affiliate basis

Proprietary Intelligence

A self learning system which gets more intelligent with every scan

Real time Reporting

Reporting and Insights delivered in real time as the traffic is scanned

Last Mile Integrations

From Javascript monitoring tags to deep integration APIs, we have it all

Best Customer Support

We have an amazing support team with an NPS of 9. Our customers vouch for it.

Attack Protection

Privacy and Fraud Protection

Our Ad Mediation Platform Is Up-to-date With The Current Standards In Privacy And Fraud Protection And Regulations So You Can Simply Focus On Your App.

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Premium Advertising

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30+ DPS & SSPs

Google Open Bidding

15% Directly Sold

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