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Best Ad Mediation Platforms: How to Choose?

When selecting the best ad mediation platform in the digital advertising world, maximizing revenue is the name of the game. Ad mediation platforms have become a crucial tool for app developers and publishers looking to make the most of their ad space. But with a plethora of options available, choosing the best ad mediation platform can be a difficult  task. This article aims to guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

What is ad mediation?

Best Ad Monetization Platform

Mobile ad mediation is a process that allows publishers to optimize their ad inventory and manage multiple ad networks on a single platform. So, ad mediation tools act as a mediator between publishers and ad networks. They aid a publisher in maximizing their revenue by leveraging competition between different ad networks.

MagicBid provides the best ad mediation platform for multiple ad networks through a single SDK to help publishers increase CPMs, fill rates, and efficiency. 

How Does Ad Mediation Work?

Best Ad Monetization Platform

A number of ad networks are accessible to publishers via ad mediation platforms. The available advertising inventory is then bid on by advertisers. In the end, the ad mediation platforms choose the advertiser with the best chance of earning maximum returns. The ad mediation systems finally select the advertiser with the best potential to produce the most money or the highest bidder.

Publishers rate various ad networks based on whether one can fill their available inventory. The platform uses multiple ad networks in the bidding system to fulfill the ad inventory and sends the ad request to another ad network if the top priority is unable to fulfill the request. This cycle continues until all ad requests are successfully managed.

What Are the Uses of Ad Mediation and Mediation Platforms?

Best Ad Monetization Platform

The main objective of ad mediation and mediation platforms is to increase ad revenue for publishers. The platforms establish multiple ad networks via a single integration, and then perform ad mediation with the data generated from each network, filling up an ad inventory with the highest e-CPM possible.  

Ad Mediation: Waterfall bidding vs. Header Bidding

In Ad Mediation platforms, the process of selling ad inventory is executed via two distinct methods: waterfall bidding or in-app header bidding.

In Waterfall Bidding, multiple ad networks are prioritized and ordered based on their gross ad revenue. In a nutshell, you make a request to fill an ad slot through an ad mediation platform. Once the ad is filled, it moves on to the next ad network in queue.

On the other hand, the header bidding method uses real-time bidding (RTB) to allow many advertisers to compete for a single ad slot. The mediation platform chooses the highest-spending advertisers so that publishers can sell their inventory at the highest price. The highest bidder pays $0.01 more than the second-highest bidder for the ad spot.

Each advertiser has access to hundreds of ad exchanges and may choose how much to bid on available ad inventory, making audience targeting more affordable for them.

Benefits of Using Ad Mediation

Best Ad Monetization Platforms

Before diving into the selection process, let’s explore the advantages of using ad mediation platforms:

  1. Increased Revenue

Ad mediation maximizes ad revenue by selecting the best-performing ads from various networks.

  1. Simplified Management

It centralizes ad management, reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple networks.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

By displaying relevant ads, it improves the overall user experience, leading to higher user retention.

  1. Comprehensive Reporting

Most mediation platforms offer in-depth reporting and analytics, providing insights for better decision-making.

Top 5 Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms

The Ecosystem of ad mediation features a number of platforms, each of which provides a wide range of bidding options, powerful reporting capabilities, and seamless interfaces. The five most popular ad mediation platforms today are AdMob by Google, ironSource, Magicbid, and Applovin Max. These platforms stand out as some of the most well-liked options for publishers trying to maximize ad revenue and successfully connect with their target audience.

How do you choose the right platform for you?

Best Ad Monetization Platform

How do you choose a platform when there are so many options? To choose the ideal ad mediation platform for you, use the following guiding questions:

Which ad network is supported? Make sure the ad networks that you’re currently advertising on and the ad networks you want to use in the future are integrated with the platform.

How is the user experience? One of the greatest benefits of these platforms is to streamline campaign management. Ensure the reports are easily accessible and the workflow saves you time. 

Is the server reliable? You don’t want to work with a platform with significant downtimes. The less reliable they are, the more money you’ll lose.

What additional campaign optimization capabilities do they offer? Ask for ways the platform can help you improve campaign performance. Do they provide audience segmentation and campaign testing capabilities? How are their customer support and data safety protocols?

Conclusion –

If you’re seeking to monetize a high-performing app or website, Magicbid offers a solution to effectively scale and manage your app monetization strategies

However, most of the time, your current ad monetization partner does not contain the optimal setup or you may need additional optimization, why not let the ad optimization experts manage your ad inventory for you? We’ll help you maximize your ad inventory by optimizing ad layouts, connecting you with the best ad networks to join, protecting your traffic from ad fraud, increasing advertisers demand, and much more!