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What are the Best Ad Networks for App Monetization?

The best ad network for app monetization does not have a single factor but comes with a variety in which you may choose according to your needs. Geographical location, target audience and your specific monetization goals should be considered and the best ad network for app monetization should be chosen depending on the strength and weakness of your app. MagicShield along with the other ad networks serves the best. 

Let us have a look at some of the Best ad networks for app monetization: 


An advertising platform that is developed by Google which allows the mobile application developers to monetize it by the display of app advertisements. 

Publisher Requirement: 

There are certain publisher requirements with the admob that requires the content policies, traffic quality, app quality, ad placement and the legal compliances that comes across. The publisher is also required to check it on a regular basis as these updates keep on changing. 

Publisher Benefit: 
  • It gives access to 30+ premium demand sources and ad networks. 
  • The creative templates can be customised. 
  • Segments the audience automatically. 

2. MagicBid

MagicBid is a Hybrid AIML based monetization platform which offers both in-app mediation and waterfall based real time bidding at the same time. It primarily focuses on publishers’ interest and brings them the best deal possible for their inventory.

MagicBid Features and Benefit: 

  • Ad Mediation with Machine Learning: MagicBid competes with demands from various popular ad networks, including Admob, Meta, IS, MAX, and 20+ others, utilizing real-time mediation to maximize your ad revenue.
  • Reduced Latency by Auto Ad Caching
  • Automatic Format Switching for Enhanced Revenue
  • Advanced ad fraud detection and prevention.


This monetization platform forms as an intermediary between the advertiser and the app developers. 

Publishers Requirement: 

It has anti-fraud ad technology that ensures the safety besides your application meets the brand safety parameters. Several kinds of ad formats such as banner ads, native ads, video ads and interstitial ads are supported in this platform and it also gives way to customization control over frequency capping, ad placement and other parameters. 

Publisher Benefit: 
  • Smaato is an innovative app that has unified bidding. 
  • Without any subscription it has access to the open marketplace. 
  • It has targeting capabilities. 


Tapjoy is an advertising platform that connects the mobile app developers with the advertisers and also initiates the user engagement. 

Publisher Requirement: 

The publisher must align with the policies of Tapjoy and keep in note about the traffic quality, service and guideline. 

Publisher Benefit: 
  • You get access to an offer wall that is customizable. 
  • This unlocks high value demand. 


A kind of digital advertising technology company which not only provides solutions for the publisher but also comes equally for the advertisers. It is specifically designed for the publisher to maximise their revenue through various advertising mediums. 

Publisher Requirement: 

This does not have a download and minimum traffic requirement. 

Publisher Benefits: 
  • It comes with a well impoverished header bidding technology. 
  • The user-friendly SSP board has various reporting tools. 


While choosing the best ad network for app monetization there are many considerations like ecpm, user experience, full rates and the publisher app alignment with the ad network should be there. Staying informed about the upcoming trend of the industry and optimizing the ad revenue strategy helps in the best monetization results.