How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Ads for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Ads for Your Business

Are you willing to explore the various types of mobile ads that can benefit your business? Let’s talk and start exploring the different types of mobile ads. In the present modern age, arriving at clients through versatile advertisements is essential for any business’s prosperity. Yet, with such countless choices accessible, how would you pick the right sort of versatile promotions for your business? How about we separate it in basic terms? So let’s start with:

Understanding Your Audience

Prior to plunging into the universe of versatile advertisements, understanding your interest group is fundamental. Who are they? What are their inclinations? Which stages do they visit? Understanding what your listeners might be thinking will assist you with fitting your advertisements successfully.

Understanding Your Audience

Types of Mobile Ads

How about we explore the assorted kinds of versatile promotions molding the scene of current publicizing? Let’s explore some best types of mobile advertising:Mobile Ads

1. Search Ads

These advertisements show up at the highest point of web search tool results. They are perfect for focusing on clients effectively looking for items or administrations like yours.

2. Display Ads

Show advertisements are visual pennants that show up on sites, applications, or web-based entertainment takes care of. They’re wonderful for making brand care and reaching a wide group.


3. Video Advertisements

Video promotions play previously, during, or after internet-based recordings. They’re connected with and can pass on a ton of data in a brief time frame, making them ideal for narrating and item exhibitions.

4. Native Ads

Local promotions mix consistently into the client’s perusing experience. They match the structure and capability of the stage they show up on, bringing about higher commitment and navigate rates.

5. Social Media Ads

 With billions of dynamic clients, online entertainment stages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer strong promoting open doors. You can target explicit socioeconomics, interests, and ways of behaving, making these promotions profoundly powerful.

Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider


Decide the amount you’re willing to spend on versatile promoting. Each kind of promotion has its own evaluating structure, so pick the one that lines up with your financial plan objectives.


Might it be said that you are hoping to increment deals,dr ive site traffic, or lift brand mindfulness? Your publicizing objectives will impact the sort of versatile promotions you pick.



Focus on key execution markers (KPIs) like active clicking factor (CTR), transformation rate, and profit from speculation (return for capital invested). These estimations will help you with evaluating the advancement of your adaptable advancement campaigns.


Picking the right sort of adaptable ads for your business can on a very basic level influence your displaying tries. By getting a handle on your group, considering your spending plan and targets, and noticing key estimations, you can pick the best versatile promotions to reach and interface with your objective clients. Accordingly, take as much time as is required, investigate various roads concerning various advancement designs, and watch your business prosper in the flexible scene.


How Magicbid Will Help You

MagicBid offers a smoothed-out way to deal with application adaptation, giving different promotion designs customized to your crowd and business objectives. By utilizing MagicBid, you can boost income while upgrading client experience through designated and non-meddlesome commercials. With its simple joining and powerful investigation, MagicBid engages you to improve promotion execution and drive practical development for your portable application. Open the maximum capacity of your application adaptation system with MagicBid today.

Exploring the Best Ad Monetization Platforms for Publishers

Exploring the Best Ad Monetization Platforms for Publishers

Welcome to our blog about Exploring the Best Ad Monetization Platforms for Publishers. If you’re a website owner or content organizer seeking to earn some money from your constant effort, you’re in the right place!

So, what exactly is ad monetization? It’s the most common way of acquiring income by showing promotions on your site or application. These promotions can come in different structures, like standards, recordings, or supported content.

Presently, We Should Discuss Some Famous Promotion Adaptation Stages That Can Assist You With Augmenting Your Profit.

4 Best Ad Monetization Platforms

The top four ad monetization platforms, offer diverse options for publishers to monetize their digital content effectively. Each platform provides unique features, targeting capabilities, and revenue-sharing models to cater to the specific needs of publishers across various niches and audiences.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is widely viewed as a trailblazer in promotion adaptation. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a broad sponsor organization. It gives different advancement plans, including show, text, and video notices.


It is known for its consistent advancement game plans joined with Yippee and Bing to convey huge advancements. offers versatile advancement units to match site style.

3. AdThrive


Has functional involvement with the top-notch advancement of the leaders for mid-to colossal estimated wholesalers. offers altered help and smoothing out techniques. offers higher pay potential through premium advancement affiliations.

4. Ezoic


Utilizes man-made reasoning developments to advance advancement circumstances and pay. Ezoic offers multivariate testing to change advancement execution. It is based on additional fostering of the client experience near pay age. These are several models; be that as it may, there are significantly more out there. The key is to track down the right mix of stages that line up with your substance and group


In the serious universe of web-based distribution, picking the right promotion adaptation stage can fundamentally affect income streams. Google AdSense is a strong decision for its openness and expansive reach. In any case, stages like, AdThrive, and Ezoic offer particular administrations taking special care of various distributer needs. Eventually, distributors ought to focus on stages that line up with their substance, crowd, and income objectives. By investigating and utilizing these top promotion adaptation stages, distributors can expand their acquiring potential while conveying connecting content to their crowd.

How Magicbid Will Help You

MagicBid provides publishers with a user-friendly platform for web monetization that is seamless, resulting in maximum revenue. MagicBid’s intuitive interface and robust features make it possible for publishers to unlock their site’s full potential, simplifying the ad bidding process.

The Ultimate Guide for Boosting Your Online Earning Ads

 The Ultimate Guide for Boosting Your Online Earning Ads

Are you ready to maximize your Internet procurement potential? Here you go! In this extreme aid, we’ll take you from fledgling to master in the specialty of helping your web-based procuring advertisements. Prepare to plunge into the universe of web-based promotion and find the key to amplifying your income. We should begin! Are you ready to boost your online earning ads to increase your income? If you want to make money with Google ads is a great place to start.

Understanding Web-Based Advertising

Understanding internet acquisition promotions is vital for augmenting income. These promotions, shown on sites and applications, create payment for distributers through impressions, snaps, or transformations.

understanding web based advertising

1. What is a Web Acquisition Promotion?

Internet procuring promotions are notices shown on sites, applications, and virtual entertainment stages to produce income for distributors. They come in different structures, including show promotions, video advertisements, and local advertisements, and that’s just the beginning.

2. How Does Web-Based Procurement Work?

Sponsors bid for promotion space through promotion organizations or stages. Distributors coordinate promotion codes on their sites or applications. At the point when clients associate with the substance, promotions are shown, and distributors procure income because of promotion impressions, snaps, or transformations.

How to Start an Internet Acquisition Ad Pick the Right Partner

Internet Acquisition Ad Pick the Right Partner

  1. Break down and separate different progression associations to track down the best fit for your gathering and content. Striking Headway Networks coordinates Google AdSense,, and Amazon Accessories.
  2. Ensure your site or application is straightforward, compact, responsive, and upgraded for speed. Place ads unequivocally to extend penetrability without compromising the client experience.

Procedures For Growing Pay at the Level of Significance

Growing pay at the level of significance

1. Experiment with Ad Formats

Test different advancement plans (e.g., show, video, nearby) to see which performs best with your group. Consider completing natural or dynamic advancement units for extender responsibility.

2. Focusing on and Personalization

Use focusing on choices like socioeconomics, interests, and conduct to convey significant advertisements to your crowd. Influence retargeting procedures to reconnect clients who have recently interfaced with your substance.

3. Screen Execution and Smooth Out

Reliably analyze advancement execution estimations like dynamic guest clicking rate (CTR), change rate, and pay-per-thousand impressions (RPM). Update advancement circumstances and gauges, and shine on the radiance of execution data to intensify benefit. 


Overwhelming Web securing ads require broad experimentation and progressing refinement. You can expand your pay by enhancing advancement game plans and arrangements, zeroing in on choices, and cautiously checking execution. Keep up with the flexibility of industry changes while zeroing in on the client experience. With dedication and this getting it, you’ll have the option to build your web securing potential more than ever.

MagicBid: Expert Customer Support!

Delve into the world of online earning ads with! Discover how ads on websites and apps can boost your income. Through clicks, views, or purchases, these ads help publishers earn while captivating audiences. Explore the magic of online advertising and unlock your earning potential today!

Maximizing Ad Revenue: Complete Guidelines for Monetization

Maximizing Ad Revenue: Complete Guidelines for Monetization 

Are you ready to take your website or blog to the next level and start generating more ad revenue? Look no further! In this broad tutorial, we will provide you all the techniques and methods you need to proficiently monetize your content and increase your earnings. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, these tips will help you get the best out of every click. Let’s jump right in and start making money today! Advertising revenue refers to the monetary income that individuals and businesses earn from displaying paid advertisements on their websites, social media channels, and other platforms.

Introduction to Ad Revenue and Monetization

Introduction to Ad RevenuePublicizing has been a vital piece of the business world for a long time. It is a showcasing system utilized by organizations to progress their items or administrations to expected clients. With the ascent of computerized stages, publicizing has likewise been innovative, and there are currently different ways for organizations to arrive at their interest group. 

Ad revenue and monetization are important features of advertising in the digital age. Promotion income indicates the pay produced from notices on a site or stage. This can come in different structures, for example, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, show promotions, video advertisements, member promoting, supported content, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Adaptation, then again, is the most common way of changing your site or stage’s traffic into income through these commercials. 

In this segment, we will jump further into looking at promotion income and adaptation methodologies that can assist you with expanding your profit.

Ad Revenue Statistics Include CPM and CPC

Ad revenue statistics track two main metrics are  CPM (Cost Per Mille) and CPC (Cost Per Click). 

CPM measures the amount earned per thousand impressions of an ad, while CPC calculates earnings each time a user clicks on an ad.

These parameters help advertisers and publishers analyze the effectiveness and profitability of their advertising campaigns.

How is Ad Revenue Calculated?

How is Ad Revenue CalculatedFor CPM, the number of times a promotion is shown per 1000 impressions is still up in the air. CPC, then again, works out income each time a client clicks on a promotion. The all-out income is then determined by repeating the CPM or CPC rate by the quantity of impressions or snaps, separately. 

This direct methodology supports organizers and distributers with figuring out their income and improving their publicizing systems.

Types of Online Ads

Understanding the various kinds of advertisements that are available is important before we move on to discussing how to monetize your website or platform using online advertisements.

These include:

1. Pay-per-click (PPC)As the name suggests, this type of ad generates income each time a user clicks on it.


2. Display Ads These are graphical banner ads that are placed on websites with high traffic.

3. Video Ads They are short video clips that play before or during online videos.

4. Affiliate Marketing This type involves promoting a product or service and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link.

5. Sponsored Content Companies pay you to feature their products/brand in your content.

Monetization Strategies

Monetization StrategiesOnce you have identified which types of ads would be most suitable for your website or platform, it’s essential to have some monetization strategies in place to maximize your ad revenue.

  1. Optimize Your Website: A well-optimized website with quality content will attract more visitors and, in turn, increase your ad revenue potential.
  2. Use Multiple Ad Networks: Signing up with multiple ad networks will give you more options for displaying ads and ultimately increase your chances of earning more.
  3. Target Relevant Ads: Make sure the advertisements on your website are relevant to your audience to increase the chances of them clicking on them.
  4. Utilize Ad Placement Techniques: Placing ads strategically on your website such as above-the-fold or within the content can significantly impact click rates and revenue.
  5. Track and Analyze Performance: Keep track of which types of ads are performing well and make adjustments accordingly to optimize your monetization strategy.


Ad revenue and monetization play a crucial role in generating income from online platforms, but it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the different types of ads available and effective strategies for maximizing earnings. By implementing these techniques, you can ensure that you are making the most out of your online presence.

How Magicbid will help you!

MagicBid has a unique advantage for application adaptation and web stages. With its regular integration and easy-to-understand edge, it offers in-depth answer for expanding income streams. Its imaginative highlights involve engineers and site proprietors to easily streamline their profit. From nominated commercials to adaptable edition approaches, MagicBid takes special care of various needs with accuracy. By utilizing its abilities, organizations can successfully adapt their computerized resources while improving the client experience. With MagicBid, opening up the maximum capacity of applications and web adaptation has never been more straightforward.

10 Signs Ad Marketing Campaign is Being Targeted by Bot Attacks

10 Signs Ad Marketing Campaign is Being Targeted by Bot Attacks

Ad marketing has become one of the most crucial factors and the soul of a digital business that drives growth, traffic, revenue and engagement. With marketing there also comes certain malicious activities that affect every factor in a possible way. Bad bots give a significant amount of threat for the success in any campaign. Bots are certain automated programs that mimic the behaviour of humans and infiltrate our website completely which also manipulates the engagement of ads. It’s very important to acknowledge the alarming sign that can adversely affect your marketing efforts. 

Bots almost cover 30% of the traffic that is coming on the internet. Therefore, their presence cannot be countered inevitably. When the bots target the website they compromise the integrity, authenticity and every other analytics that also undermines your ROI. Let’s look at certain signs that tell us that your ad campaign is targeted. 

Detecting Bot Attacks: 10 Signs Your Ad Campaign is Targeted

ad marketing campaign

1. Unusually High Click-through Rates (CTR)

If you are facing a sudden increase in the CTR without any engagement metrics and conversion rise, it is surely the indication of the bots click. These kinds of bots inflate The metrics artificially but do not deliver genuine interaction. 

2. Abrupt/Quick Changes in Traffic Patterns

It is not a green flag, if you are facing traffic Spikes suddenly from the activity that is caused by bot. Increased traffic is also positive but when but only when it is coming from a certain kind of marketing or organically. Therefore, it is important to analyse where this unusual pattern is coming from as it might be a bot attack. 

3. Strange User Behavior

Usually the bot follows a regular and repetitive pattern when it comes to their interaction as it imitates the behaviour of humans. Therefore, identifying repetitive sequences of clicks or views that do not match the behaviour of the user or your visitor can also help in spotting the bot attacks activity. 

4. High Bounce Rates

Try to analyse and monitor the bounce rate and the locations from which it is coming geographically. The bot targets a certain region as well that leads to an abnormal increase of bounce rate. Therefore, these kinds of regulations must be pointed out towards bor activity that focuses on the specific area rather than genuine user engagement. 

5. Inflated Impressions

If there is sudden inflation in the rate of impression then there can be an unexpected attack of the bot as the drops in the rate of conversion or any abnormal change that happens during the session will surely impact the credibility of the campaign metrics. 

6. Click Fraud Warnings from Ad Networks

If you are receiving a click fraud warning from the ad network then it is a clear signal that you are facing a bot attack. Therefore, if you suffer from any suspicious sources that are not your usual pattern then you should definitely look out. If there is a genuine engagement with the website that turns out good but whenever it is an engagement given by bot it often generates clicks without any subsequent interaction. 

It is very crucial to investigate the ad network issues which is the click fraud warning and its underlying causes to prevent your website from any kind of malicious attack. 

7. Unexplained Budget Depletion

If there is an unexplained budget depletion in the ad marketing campaign it is a sign that the website is targeted by the bot attack. If you are facing a rapid expenditure with the minimal result then there might be a chance that there is a sudden spike in the click volume and this abnormal click distribution can be a hint of a high click fraud rate. If there is a consistent budget depletion or your facing irregularity in the performance metrics then you should definitely collaborate with the ad platforms like magic bid which can help you mitigate the impact of any kind of bot attack. 

8. Suspicious IP Addresses

If there is an unusual geographical origin or a significant post of click or the interaction with the ads originating from the region where your target audience is not concentrated from then there are high chances that you are facing a Bot attack. Therefore, monitoring the IP address that is associated with your interaction and following the pattern will help you detect the bots primarily. 

9. Unusual Geographic Patterns

If you are facing an anomaly in the Geographic distribution of the traffic that can be a disproportionate number of clicks from the region with the low internet penetration, it is surely an indication of the bot activity. 

10. Lack of Engagement on Landing Pages

If you’re facing lack of engagement on the landing page despite receiving clicks then you need to indicate that the marketing technique is being targeted by the bot attacks. There are certain signs that you need to watch out for such as high bounce rate, low page depth, short session duration, unusual traffic pattern and no conversion event. Monitoring the engagement metrics of the landing page for identification of the genuine interaction will help you detect and prevent yourself from such kind of attacks. 


It is very important to protect your ad marketing campaign from any kind of bot attacks as it is very important for the long run and maximization of return of your site. Therefore, by perfectly analyzing these 10 signs and taking the perfect counter measure to protect them is foremost. Ensuring the efficacy and authenticity of the advertising effort in the digital realm is crucial. 

It is not as easy to deal with the bad bots as it is a long process that requires a constant upgradation and a perfect measurement of analytics. Therefore, by partnering with the magicbid, to get good support that will reduce your challenges. 

Where To Place Your Ads? Best Ad Placement with

Where To Place Your Ads? Best Ad Placement with

There has been a considerable increase in the digital ecosystem therefore the publishers are clearly finding a new way for maximising the revenue for their website. There has been a variety of revenue models available but magicbid_ai plays a vital role in achieving what the publisher really wants. 

MagicTag by MagicBid offers an impressive ad placement that helps in boosting the revenue. It not only gives the growth but also addresses the issue of the invalid deduction that is caused by the bot. 

What is Ad Placement?

When a single ad unit or a group of ad units has a designated area on the publisher website where they can place their advertisement, that whole setup will be called as an ad placement. 

Google ad placement can be automatically created by the publisher who uses the Google ad and additionally they also get the benefit for defining the placement criteria as per their desire.  The format of the ad and the size of the ad plays a larger role in engaging the user with an ad and it’s the responsibility of the publisher to analyse the user data while placing the ads for ensuring the engagement at a higher rate. 

Why is Ad Placement Important?

The ad placement turns out to be very important if you are into the creation of an online ad campaign. It does not really affect how great the ad is, if no one pays attention. Therefore, the click through rate (CTR) suffers and the opportunity of revenue seems to be lost very easily. 

The ad placement needs to be best; it also depends on the size of the ad and the type of the audio chosen for the attraction of your visitor. 

Factors to Consider When Optimizing Ad Placements

Factors to Optimize Ad Placements

There are certain factors that need to be certainly kept in mind while you are on a way to optimise your ad placement. Once you are done with your tricks and strategy you can proceed to the next level and here are some important consideration where you need to pay your attention on: 

  • Ad Position
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Relevance
  • Ad Frequency

6 Best Ad Placement Optimization Techniques

1. Consider User Experience

User experience consideration is very important while you are placing an ad on the website. As per a recent study, if there is a delay faced by a website while loading. It will affect the user in a negative way and will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, even a 1 to 2 second delay with an unfamiliar site will give you a bad impression. 

User engage in a more good way if there is no distraction faced by them. Therefore, there should always be places where they cannot be mistaken easily and not seen as the website content or design layout. The relevance of the placement of ad should also be kept in mind as the ads which are placed should be as per the data and the behavioural experiences of the user should be kept in mind. 

2. Use Multi-sized Ad Placements

If you will use a multi size ad placement on the website it clearly will help the publisher to improve the ad revenue as there will be a wider range of ad size which considerably will increase the likelihood of the click and the placement of ad. 

3. Use Lazy Loading

Optimization of the website performance is very important therefore it’s better to use the lazy loading technique which will load the content only when it is needed. This technique will prove beneficial for the website that has a variety of video ads and images which significantly helps to improve the load time and give a good user experience. 

4. Place Ads in Strategic Locations

Placement of ads on a strategic location also drive’s growth on your website building. In the success of your advertising campaign it also helps the publisher to boost the odds of grabbing the interest of the viewers. 

Let’s look at the most effective placement of ads: 

Between Paragraphs: In the placement of the ad within the paragraph of the content captures the interest of the readers. 

Sticky Units: these kind of ads are present on the screen and as the user scroll down and up as they approach in an effective way navigating the website.

Above and Below images: if you will position the ad below or above the image it captures the user’s attention in a very strategic way. 

5. Test Different Ad Placements

Tera different kinds of ad placement that have their own strengths and weaknesses. The testing of A/B can be compared to the placement and the format to see which can generate the most revenue. 

6. Consider Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices will be becoming popular and have an important part of the landscape of online advertising. 5 G has become readily available. The usage of mobile phones has considerably increased base almost 51% made up the ad spending. There has been a considerable increase in the usage of mobile phones and the publishers are also able to optimise the ads for the devices. 

Serving mobile friendly ads size is also one way through which the ad placement Optimisation can be done for achieving the bigger objective. 

3 Best Website Ad Placement Strategies for Publishers

Best Website Ad Placement Strategies for Publishers

1. Balancing Customer Experience

It’s very crucial to maximise your revenue by finding a perfect balance of your site and considering the performance and units with the User experience. If you want to provide the best possible user experience you should be loyal to your user base and increase the number of traffic that is coming on to your site. 

The ads  which are performing well may get the more intrusive placement that will harm the user. The engagement of the poor website can also alter the search ranking; it may give the bounce rate at a higher level which can eventually decrease and generate less revenue. 

2. Analysis of User Behavior

It is highly recommended to see the user intent on your site. As the user are going to browse through a long form of content. If you look that at the journey of the user to your site and what you can expect my engaging from it,  you will help yourself in becoming better with the placement of the ad. 

Therefore the user intent must seen with the very core as it helps you to analyse an implement the ad format making the best choice possible. 

3. Look at the Site Data

You should definitely look at the site data to choose the right placement for your ad that will be best guided through the research or inventory performance. There are many ways and tools that can be provided which eventually will help you to make the best decision. 

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics give you an in-depth analysis about the interaction of the site with the traffic that is coming. It also helps to know which content is performing well on the landing page and what can be avoided for getting the best organic search or the direct traffic. 

Heat and Click Maps

Products like MagicBid provide the website owner with the data of the user interaction they also highlight where the user spends most of their time. It helps in understanding that what kind of content your visitor is attracting most with. 

A/B Testing

A or B TestingThis testing for the ad.placement gives you the best user experience of the website. Google clearly helps in the Optimisation and allows you to send the traffic to a link which is very specific for seeing the number of different pages. 

How can MagicTag help Maximise Revenue with ad Placements?

Maximise Revenue with ad PlacementsMagictag is one such powerful weapon of the magic Shield which offers a powerful way to combat the Click spam and it clearly allows the app owners and the website owners to detect and block the unwanted traffic in the real time. The sources of the click spam can also be identified by this which will ensure the website analytics and reflect genuine user behaviour and improve the overall performance and the User experience of your website. 

MagicShield MagicTag offers a new ad format with the defence system against the invalid visitor and there has been a considerable surge of revenue for about 200 persons and the team of experts helps in identifying the ad placement which is very impressive the ecpm has clearly doubled with this advertising model.

MAGICBID is Now a Google Certified MCM Channel Partner

MAGIC BID is Now a Google Certified MCM Channel Partner!

MagicBid, a globally trusted Ad-tech company, today announces itself as a certified Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Channel Partner. This collaboration with Google expands MagicBid’s offering by supporting current and future publishers that leverage Google Adexchange’s comprehensive digital monetization platform.

The assessment process officially established MagicBid as experts in Google products while providing innovative technologies, valuable solutions, and impactful services to help publishers succeed in maximizing revenue generation.

What does it mean for MagicBid to be a Google Certified Partner?‍

There are a range of benefits to becoming Google Certified Partners. Primarily, it’s a symbol of trust given to an exclusive number of companies and signifies Google’s confidence in MagicBid’ services and the way we work with publishers. Beyond this, certified members are invited to feedback on how Google solutions can and should work for publishers while also benefiting from early access to Google news and developments.

Google’s certification program is designed to help publishers find the best partner from a pool of proven experts that can provide real monetization solutions and support for a publisher’s specific needs. MagicBid’s MCM certification means that our products and services, like MagicShield, MagicTag and MagicSDK are recognised by Google to be extremely valuable for publishers looking to monetize their sites or apps in the most effective way.

“Attaining certification as a Partner marks a significant milestone for our entire business! It underscores the unwavering commitment our team demonstrates daily to deliver optimal outcomes for our partners. At MagicBid, our dedication to furnishing the finest platform for success remains steadfast. Being distinguished by Google further validates our proficiency in optimizing publisher revenue.” 

Vaibhav Srivastava | CEO, MagicBid

Certification Represents a Next-level Partnership with Google:

Becoming a Google Certified MCM Partner allows MagicBid to unlock an even stronger relationship with Google. Google trusts our expertise and market experience, taking our council on where the industry is and what publishers need or are concerned about. MagicBid is able to represent the best interests of our publisher partners to further provide greater value in the monetization solutions we provide.

What Does It Mean For Publishers?

For publishers, working with a certified partner is a guarantee that you are working with Google product and monetization solutions experts. Being part of the select group of certified companies indicates that MagicBid has been reviewed and assessed, and confirmed to be providing publishers with innovative products and solutions that maximize revenue generation. Publishers will benefit from MagicBid’ heightened relationship with Google and alongside our expert team, will be able to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and products by being among the first to hear about them. This  exclusive access to knowledge and information will help publishers succeed.

“We’re excited to reach the esteemed status of Google Certified Partner. This certification not only affirms our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions but also strengthens our commitment to our publishers’ success.”

Satyajit Nath | COO, MagicBid

Publishers will benefit from MagicBid’ heightened relationship with Google and alongside our expert team, will be able to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and products by being among the first to hear about them. This  exclusive access to knowledge and information will help publishers succeed.

At last, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. We are committed to upholding this responsibility. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our team, publishers, adtech enthusiasts and all those who have supported us along this remarkable journey.

Our Next Milestone? 

Securing the Google Certified Publishing Partners badge by next year. With dedication and perseverance, we’re ready to make it happen. 

Why Should You Partner with Magicbid?

As a Google Channel partner, this acknowledgment from Google highlights our dedication to providing outstanding services to publishers and optimizing their revenue opportunities. We are extremely proud of this recognition and are more determined than ever to fulfill our mission of aiding and empowering online publishers in the sustainable growth of their digital ventures.

Our core belief is that each publisher deserves a customized approach that suits their specific requirements, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that their content creation efforts are duly rewarded in an equitable manner.

Join us on this journey of continuous growth and success!

IAB Tech Lab Guidelines: What Publishers Need to Know

IAB Tech Lab Guidelines: What Publishers Need to Know

The definition of instream and outstream video advertising were updated. The classification of content based on the intent was changed and a new type called accompanying content was developed by the IAB Tech Lab in the year 2022 August. These changes affected the CTV and the digital video ad format guidelines. These were crucial as it possessed the possible changes that created a great deal of the anxiety, especially for the publishers. 

Later in the year 2023, the publisher DSP and the SSP that make up the supply chain of the ecosystem decided to deliberately integrate these new standards into the operation. Even though the tactic was first met with resistance, they eventually gained hold since they are beneficial for the publishers in the long run. It is important to review the definition of the terminology and comprehend the changes in order for the publishers to better change and implement their business practices. 

IAB Tech Lab Guidelines: Why Importance 

Let us give a detailed summary of all that has been changed since the last: 

1. Dual Methods of Classifying the Videos as in-stream Experiences

Dual Methods of Classifying the Videos as in-stream ExperiencesAs per the recent study 54% of the customer prefer to watch the video advertising with sound either most of the time or always whereas the 6% never choose to do so. As per the result of a recent survey, some browsers like Google Chrome do not enable the automatic sound on as it might not provide the best experience possible. The most recent specification classifies movies as in-stream when it is obvious that the user intends to watch them. Videos that are the main content of a website relate to a user requests a topic that are considered in stream even if they don’t play audio automatically. 

On the other hand it is also important for the recognition that use of a floating player negates the classification as in stream once in transition to a floating state. 

2. The New Guidelines Describe Clear User Intent

Whenever a user Clicks on the link for the exploration of the topic the foremost expectation is finding a content that is relevant to any format. In case the video matches the subject matter of the page without any previous notification it shall be categorized as the accompanying content. If the user anticipates the link which is video based on the declaration but encounters with the mismatched content it will not qualify as in-stream. There can also be another perspective of the intent that involves the user activities. Watching the video with the sound related to the requested topic DSP on the other hands scrutinises the partner who is supplying to ensure the signal accuracy and in case where the supply sources are not reliable in signalling the DSP might default to accompany the classification of content and necessity discussion with DSP partner regarding the content classification. 

3. Accompanying Content for Enhanced Relevance in Video Advertising

Enhanced Relevance in Video Advertising

It can be seen as a new and fresh edition to the video landscape which emerged with the updated guideline and also accompanies the content. This category clearly distinguishes between the standalone and the premium  video which grant publishers the chances to propose the content to the social media platform without any label. Publishers can also gear up and deep in The Reader engagement whereas the advertiser can target the audience with the relevant topics. 

4. Understanding its Implication for the Advertiser and Publisher

The industry has clearly embraced the changes that have been kept forward and the publisher have found their new principle that prioritises the experiences which are superior for the reader and flourish the budgets from the advertiser which heightens and engagement from the audience. The transparency that is being followed up surrounds the video placement if the environment that will further benefit the buyer. There are many values that hold potential for the enhancement of all the passage in the ecosystem which have the collaborative adoption effort. The industry is wide which posters the improvement to connectivity and the transparency among the seller buyer and other industry participants. 

At we are truly dedicated to guide the publishers through the challenges which are posed by them by the recent changes that IAB has made. Here you will feel empowered to adapt and thrive in the digital landscape that keep on evolving and ensure that they can optimise the continent monetization and the engagement of the audience despite the shift industry has made. 


These days the digital environment is evolving a bit and the potential amendments that are coming are really big which is posing a lot of uncertainty in the publisher’s mind. Therefore Magicbid is one such platform that helps in building and targeting the audience and helps in the strategic placement of ad which targets the right audience at the right time. It has now become really important for the publisher to stay updated for striking the balance between maximizing the revenue and being in the competition by adhering to the compliance of the industry. 

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

An optimal ad fill rate is crucial for maximizing revenue potential in digital advertising. A high ad fill rate clearly gives way to more ad inventory that will be used for increasing revenue for your site. This will help you in understanding how the inventory is being utilized therefore, it acts as a validation for the market demand of the inventory. If there will be a low ad fill rate then it clearly indicates that there is too much ad inventory.

Let us understand what actually is ad filled rate and how does it work?

What is Ad Fill Rate?

The publishers are always looking for the ad impressions at a good price. After all, they are in the market competition to make the best money possible. It is a kind of metric that is used for measuring the ad impressions and pressure percentage on a successful rate that is served to an app for a website. It is the total amount of percentage of the ads that is served to a website or an application out of the total number that is being called out or being requested on a page. 

Let us breakdown the ad feel rate into simple part: 

High Ad Fill Rate: These are that larger percentage of the ads which are requested in the request of ads are fulfilled through the advertisement. 

Low Ad Fill Rate: These are a smaller percentage of the ad requests which are being fulfilled. 

How to Calculate Ad Fill Rate?

How to Calculate Ad Fill RateYou want to calculate the ad fill rate. It is the time to do some calculation:

Suppose that you are a landlord and have 20 spaces in total. 17 tenants are there who have paid you the rent out of 20. Now you need to understand that we are not counting the total but only the number of spaces (ads) that are being given. We will just count the total revenue generated. 

Therefore, you have total management of 17 tenants out of the 20. It is your ad fill rate that amounts to 85%.

How to Improve Ad Fill Rate?

Let’s educate you on improving the ad fill rate. There are many criterias that actually impact the occurrence of ads, the technical errors that may or may not be able to be tamed. 

Improve Website Performance

For the growth of your ad fill rate, you need to work on your website and on the page load time. As you run a website you need to be in the fast pace for being in the competition. In the case of ad impression time is really important as it plays a most determined role for the generation of the revenue. 

The page load time shall also be taken care of. Look up to the operation team and just achieve the favourable load time as soon as possible. 

Understanding the supply cycle and the demand chain really helps you grow. You should be observant enough if you are not able to meet the sufficient demand for filling your ad slot. 

Implement Header Bidding

If you are getting a blank impression and making no money out of your hard work? This is exactly why publishers are giving upon traditional methods and using innovative measures such as publisher waterfall and shifting to the header bidding. 

As the old process does not hold certanity for giving you the great CPM and are less automated you can add on to your own load times. 

Targeted Audience Segmentation


You can also go a step ahead and target the user not only by the impressions but also by the geographical area. If you are having no idea about the analytics followed by Google you should definitely see the help. 

You have to figure out the region or the country that is bringing you the maximum amount of traffic and  such a reason that is likely to generate more traffic. Therefore, you can make more ad calls that will lead to more ad impressions. 

Switch to ad sizes

You need to keep on changing your strategy, switching the ad size will also play a key role. You need to have the flexibility on the different sizes of Ad sizes based on your demand of the ad slot. 

Deal with Ad Block

Ad blockers are definitely horrible as it won’t let you stay among the good practices. Ad blocker is something you cannot control. The ad block will block the ad network instead of the ad call that means your ad request will be made but the blocker will not let it appear on your screen. 

Therefore you need to use the ad block recovery for saving the impression and not letting it disturbed with the user experience. 

Optimize Ad Placement

Optimize Ad PlacementAdvertisers certainly bid on the ad placement which are displayed in a prominent way and helpins in an engaging format. This eventually increases the possibility of the ad being filled. Therefore, it turns out to be important to optimise the placement of the ad for the maximisation of revenue and showcasing the potential of a website. 

Monitor and Optimize Ad Fill

Monitoring is very important for the publisher as because of that they know that whether the monetization of their ad inventory is turning out good or not. Although Optimisation rate in order to maximise the revenue from advertiser should be focused on the high quality demand sources because of which they will be able to deliver high ad fill rate. 

Negotiate Direct Deals

While negotiating a deal the advertiser agrees  to bid on the Inventory of the publisher that is offered using a pre-negotiated or a fixed CPM. Negotiating directly is a type of transaction that is between the advertiser and the publisher without the involvement of an intermediate, therefore it is a one to one advertising agreement between two parties. 


The aim of the publisher is to clearly increase the ad fill rate and having considered the User experience and the placement of the ads in a strategic way, it is very needful to understand how the ad fill works and what does not need to be done before taking any informed decision. 

You need to follow the above mentioned steps as it is already proven and tested by the publisher and it clearly gave a promising result. 

What is Ads.txt? Key Insights Guide for Publishers in 2024

What is Ads.txt? Key Insights Guide for Publishers in 2024

The ads.txt helps in maximising the speed of the advertiser spend. This also updates the buyer setting by default. Rather it also shorts the integrity by regularly monitoring the ongoing vendor communication. It is an publicly accessible text where the publisher caters the authorised publisher for the sale and resale of their ad inventory on the website. It is very beneficial as it empowers them to verify the legitimacy of the ad inventory they are willing to purchase. 

What is Ads.txt?

It is a text file which is available publicly where the list of publisher partners prioritise reselling and selling inventory on the website. The advertisers on the other hand also can check the validity of the Inventory of the add which they are going to purchase. With the ad.txt the transparency and the add fraud can be combated. 

By implementing the ad.text the publisher also can help protect the inventory from any kind of mis representation or an authorised selling from the parties that clearly promotes transparency and trust in the advertising ecosystem. 

By using this whole mechanism you will be able to eliminate the domain spoofing where the fraudster easily get through the advertiser for running ads on the website showing them that they hold a premium site. 

How Does Ads.txt Work?

How Does Ads.txt WorkWhenever a publisher upload the ads.text to the domain, the advertiser uses Ads.txt crawler, which is the script which clearly crawls and gets up with the list of domain. Once the domain has been accessed in the ad.text, the reference can be matched with the seller account ID giving the bid request. 

In case if the seller account Id which is given does not match in the bed request it will clearly stipulate that the inventory does not originate from the sanctioned domain. This can also give way to any potential fraudulent activity. 

How to Create Ads.txt?

The syntax has been recommended to the list of partner by the IAB, where they have to create there ads.text file and put Syntax. The list of partner then will be represented in a prescribed way. 

The ads.text file can be seen by anyone you just have to check it by typing the root of the main name with “/ads.txt”.

How to Implement Ads.txt?

How to Implement Ads.txtThe legit sale of the Inventory of your ad, you need to upload a text file and the server of your web which contains the list of the ad tech partners who are trusted will get the support from the ad tech format in order to verify the Publishers inventories to whom they have permitted to sell. The buyers can also verify trust of the inventory they are purchasing, ensuring maximum transparency and all of this reduces the risk of fraudulent activity. 

The specification of the IAB that is mentioned is contained by the resource some of the resources such as Google ad exchange have already published documents that implement which you get the file easier for the publisher. 

Is Ads.txt Mandatory?

There is no obligation but when it comes to Google it very strongly recommends to implement ads dot txt as it safeguards and prevents the Inventory of the ad being intentionally labelled falsely from the specific domain. 

Therefore it turns out to be necessary to label yourself as a legitimate seller so that you can receive the money which is spent by the advertiser without any risk of faking inventory. 

Benefits of Ads.txt

If you are among one who sells the ad inventory on your site then ads dot text is a great way and here are some benefits of using it. 

Enhanced Transparency: the transparency is definitely enhanced when you are using this in the ad supply chain. It clearly allows the publisher and the advertiser to identify the seller who are authorised to sell the ad inventory. This give some better control over the understanding over the process of ad buying. 

Reduced Ad Fraud: ads.txt helps in the prevention of fraud and makes it clear for the hostile one to sell the fake ad inventory. The publisher can also select the reseller who are authorised and cancel the Inventory of their ad. They can also verify the buyer if they are legitimate or not. 

Increased Revenue: If you are one who has implemented the ads.txt it truly enhances the trust of their ad buyer at a greater revenue. Advertisers get captivated to purchase the inventory from the publishers as the ads.txt guarantees that the ads that are displayed to the authenticated websites. 

Difference Between Ads.txt and Ads.cert

Difference Between Ads.txt and Ads.certAds.txt helps the publisher to declare who is an authorised seller of the digital inventory. Whereas, when it comes to implementation in the ads.txt the publisher gets to host this on their domain making it publicly accessible. 

The ads.txt functionality addresses the issue of the domain spoofing as well where the fraudster get to misrepresent themselves as a legitimate publisher and count to feed their inventory by saying that they are a premium website. Therefore, by implementing ad.txt the buyer can clearly ensure that they are making the transaction with an authorised seller and reduces the risk of ad fraud by many percentages. 

Ads.cert on the other hand comes with a purpose of digital signature initiative which clearly aims to verify The authenticity of the individual ad impression in a real time. By adding the digital signature to each of the ad request that contains the information about the impression of the ads the ads.cert enhances the security and trustworthiness of the ad transactions.

How to Monetize Your App with Ads?

Magicbid empowered the publisher and understood the lack of ad monetization platform that the publisher needs. Therefore it is a modern and innovative technology that is used by the web publisher and the app for any internal mediation which gives a perfect monetization that your app really wants. 

Magicbid with a master faster new age technology offers cutting and solution that maximises your app monetization potential. You should definitely choose to be one of the magicbid user as it boost your revenue and gives you a complete control with the transparency and promote in updating. It guarantees maximum revenue by incorporating the high revenue ad format into your strategy. 


Implementing ads.txt is a great way to combat the fraud by regulating the way of the publisher and the resellers advertisement. It not only helps you in giving transparency and combats ad fraud. It also rather helps you in protecting the brand reputation and enhances buyer confidence. You should not only keep your eye on implementation of the ads.txt but also maintain it on a regular basis so that you can enhance buyer trust and unlock cookieless revenue and maximise the advertisers spend.