CTV Monetization: Your Key to Successful Content Broadcast!

CTV Monetization: Your Key to Successful Content Broadcast!

Welcome to our blog on CTV Monetization! We are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex world of Connected TV (CTV) advertising and maximize their revenue streams. With the rapid evolution of digital media consumption, CTV has emerged as a powerful platform for reaching audiences in the streaming era.

Understanding CTV Monetization

Understanding CTV Monetization

How to Start CTV Monetization

Connected TV (CTV) monetization refers to the process of generating revenue from advertising on streaming platforms accessed via internet-connected televisions. As more viewers shift from traditional TV to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, advertisers are eager to capitalize on this trend. CTV offers targeted, measurable advertising opportunities, making it an attractive avenue for brands to engage with their audiences.

1. Define Your Audience

Understand your target demographic and their viewing habits to tailor your advertising strategy effectively.

2. Choose the Right Platforms 

Identify the CTV platforms that align with your target audience and budget.

3. Create Compelling Content

Create Compelling ContentDevelop engaging ad creatives that resonate with viewers and drive action.

4. Implement Targeted Advertising

Utilize data-driven insights to deliver personalized ads to your audience segments.

5. Optimize and Measure Performance

Optimize and Measure PerformanceContinuously analyze campaign metrics to refine your strategy and maximize ROI.


CTV monetization presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers in the digital age. By leveraging the power of CTV advertising, companies can effectively reach their target audience and drive business growth. At MagicBid, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the complexities of CTV monetization and achieve their advertising goals. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we can help you unlock the full potential of CTV advertising and drive measurable results for your business.

MagicBid: Expert Customer Support!

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your existing CTV campaigns, MagicBid is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the world of CTV monetization.

Mobile Advertising SDK for Android – MagicBid SDK

Mobile Advertising SDK for Android – MagicBid SDK

Mobile advertising SDK is a software development kit and mobile SDK is used for mobile software development. It helps the apps to connect with the third party technology and the services the mobile SDK helps in integration through a developer who can access the different tools which are available and connect with the ads to run in-app ads. 

SDK is not like a mobile API as it allows a richer technology set to deliver an expensive set of tools which includes the guides, sample code and the library which help the developers to build a better application.  

Hybrid App Monetization SDK for Android: Need for Publishers

Hybrid app monetization SDK for the Android is a crucial need for publishers that is provided by magicbid as it understands the lack of an best ad monetization platform which prioritises the need of Publishers. Therefore, it comes up with many features like auto ad pilot, growth intelligence, power ad servers, demand and control, and protects from privacy and fraud as well. 

Mobile SDK Ads for Android and iOS

Mobile SDK Ads for Android and iOSThe mobile advertising SDK for Android like MagicBid offers many benefits that help the developer to integrate the app directly to an ad network to leverage with the global premium advertisers. Mobile SDK ads for the Android and iOS have their own set of advantages and it totally depends on the choice of the project and the team expertise for that programming. 


These are the mobile app tool which strengthens the developer to base different ad units for the determination of which is going to be best fit to the user. Though it totally depends on how the user sees and how he give the feedback. This kind of ad also gives a nice impact on the ad unit like the interstitial ads, native video ads, rewarded video ads and the over all videos. 

When it comes to the integration of the mobile application with the help of the SDK then you get to see many benefits. In this the developers will be able to connect themselves with the app directly to any leading and network so that they can be used to a global advertiser that is not only premium but also demanding in the app inventory. 

Through this the developers will be easily planning and executing the adt into their own app and help in the determination of the best placement timing and the ad frequency. 

Mobile Integration

1. Easy Integration

The Mobile ad SDK turns out to be highly productive in a very good way. The integration of the ad monetization in a mobile application. This kind of ad is available into the app only and the mobile SDK makes the worth smooth by allowing the developers to integrate it with the high quality ad units like the interactive ads, rewarded video ads and the interstitial video ads without worrying about caching and other issues. 

2. Granular Data

This kind of SDK also help you deal with all the information that’s crucial about the ad at a much granular level. Through this the developers get space to access the data that is user specific which clearly allows them to offer the ad that also helps them to identify that which is going to be the best time that can help generate the highest revenue and the CPM rate. 

SDK Monetization

Software development kit or SDK monetization means the process through which the revenue can be generated through the distribution of it. These are the collection of software tools, documentation, and the libraries which the developers use and implement in the creation of an application for the specific framework, service and the program. 

What is Magicbid SDK Mobile Advertising?

MagicBid SDK should be the best choice for mobile advertising as it helps in generating maximum revenue through faster and smarter means using the cutting edge solution of a new age technology that helps you gain in the potential as well. In this competitive world of mobile advertising, it also helps you to stand out as an ultimate partner with your true potential as it comes up with innovative monetization solutions that satisfy you, making you a valuable asset within this ad industry. 

MagicBid not only helps you in boosting your revenue but also helps you gain complete control with transparency that empowers growth. With MagicBid you can double your mobile advertising revenue. 

Why Should You Choose MagicBid for SDK Monetization?

1. SDK ad units

Magicbid is a monetization platform that not only helps in boosting your revenue but also mediate through certain ads like interstitial ads and banner ads. It also offers you an interactive creative which makes the creative innovation more exciting and helps you in mobile advertising that drive growth and CPM for the developers. 

2. Programmatic SDK

This feature is going to play a crucial role in the monetization landscape. Magicbid not only helps developers with the technology but also helps in the accessibility and in app traffic that helps you in managing this whole process in a seamless way. 

3. Key Advantages

There are certain key advantages of Magic Bid that helps it stand away from all other competitors. It offers a unified SDK that helps the developers reach the top in terms of ecpm. Apart from this it also offers a platform that empowers growth, transparency, trust and an unbiased ad setup that automatizes everything. 

How to 2X Your Mobile App Revenue with Magic Bid SDK

How to 2X your Mobile App Revenue with MagicBid SDK

You can double your mobile app revenue with the help of Magicbid SDK as it’s going to be the ultimate partner that will help you in development and unlock the true potential of the app. The app mediation of it is advanced which let’s the ad format with different payout option, managing the ad quality testing segment and the ad placement. It emerges as a trustworthy technology that is totally transparent and unbiased taking full control of the ad setup. Segmenting the user with a specific filter MagicBid speeds of the segment driving a higher growth and revenue. 

Benefits of MagicBid SDK

MagicBid consolidates all other bids and the waterfalls which enables the ad demand sources to compete in the real time through a hybrid auction therefore this ensures you consistently achieve the highest eCPM for your ads. Apart from this magicbid also shares many other benefit as building custom ad waterfalls that tailors to the user behaviour and demographics, it helps in segmenting the user based on in app specific filter driving higher engagement and revenue this speed of the management with magic bid preset segments and ensures the right ad is served at the right time to the right audience. 

Ready to Boost Your Revenue?

Are you ready to maximize or boost Your revenue with the MagicBid SDK? It clearly empowers the user to engage with the ads as per their preference of choice while increasing the highest revenue ad format. They also boost the ad revenue without compromising the retention of users. 

It supports ad formats like interstitial ads, banner ads, MREC ads, rewarded video ads, native ads, playable ads, and rich media ads. 


MagicBid mobile ads SDK acts as a seamless and fast platform that helps in significant engagement and when you grow starting from the execution of the ad to the reporting, it will be as a true and reliable monetization partner in any sense. It also guarantees maximum revenue by the incorporation of the high revenue of ad format into your strategy with the unified SDK empowering growth. 

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

An optimal ad fill rate is crucial for maximizing revenue potential in digital advertising. A high ad fill rate clearly gives way to more ad inventory that will be used for increasing revenue for your site. This will help you in understanding how the inventory is being utilized therefore, it acts as a validation for the market demand of the inventory. If there will be a low ad fill rate then it clearly indicates that there is too much ad inventory.

Let us understand what actually is ad filled rate and how does it work?

What is Ad Fill Rate?

The publishers are always looking for the ad impressions at a good price. After all, they are in the market competition to make the best money possible. It is a kind of metric that is used for measuring the ad impressions and pressure percentage on a successful rate that is served to an app for a website. It is the total amount of percentage of the ads that is served to a website or an application out of the total number that is being called out or being requested on a page. 

Let us breakdown the ad feel rate into simple part: 

High Ad Fill Rate: These are that larger percentage of the ads which are requested in the request of ads are fulfilled through the advertisement. 

Low Ad Fill Rate: These are a smaller percentage of the ad requests which are being fulfilled. 

How to Calculate Ad Fill Rate?

How to Calculate Ad Fill RateYou want to calculate the ad fill rate. It is the time to do some calculation:

Suppose that you are a landlord and have 20 spaces in total. 17 tenants are there who have paid you the rent out of 20. Now you need to understand that we are not counting the total but only the number of spaces (ads) that are being given. We will just count the total revenue generated. 

Therefore, you have total management of 17 tenants out of the 20. It is your ad fill rate that amounts to 85%.

How to Improve Ad Fill Rate?

Let’s educate you on improving the ad fill rate. There are many criterias that actually impact the occurrence of ads, the technical errors that may or may not be able to be tamed. 

Improve Website Performance

For the growth of your ad fill rate, you need to work on your website and on the page load time. As you run a website you need to be in the fast pace for being in the competition. In the case of ad impression time is really important as it plays a most determined role for the generation of the revenue. 

The page load time shall also be taken care of. Look up to the operation team and just achieve the favourable load time as soon as possible. 

Understanding the supply cycle and the demand chain really helps you grow. You should be observant enough if you are not able to meet the sufficient demand for filling your ad slot. 

Implement Header Bidding

If you are getting a blank impression and making no money out of your hard work? This is exactly why publishers are giving upon traditional methods and using innovative measures such as publisher waterfall and shifting to the header bidding. 

As the old process does not hold certanity for giving you the great CPM and are less automated you can add on to your own load times. 

Targeted Audience Segmentation


You can also go a step ahead and target the user not only by the impressions but also by the geographical area. If you are having no idea about the analytics followed by Google you should definitely see the help. 

You have to figure out the region or the country that is bringing you the maximum amount of traffic and  such a reason that is likely to generate more traffic. Therefore, you can make more ad calls that will lead to more ad impressions. 

Switch to ad sizes

You need to keep on changing your strategy, switching the ad size will also play a key role. You need to have the flexibility on the different sizes of Ad sizes based on your demand of the ad slot. 

Deal with Ad Block

Ad blockers are definitely horrible as it won’t let you stay among the good practices. Ad blocker is something you cannot control. The ad block will block the ad network instead of the ad call that means your ad request will be made but the blocker will not let it appear on your screen. 

Therefore you need to use the ad block recovery for saving the impression and not letting it disturbed with the user experience. 

Optimize Ad Placement

Optimize Ad PlacementAdvertisers certainly bid on the ad placement which are displayed in a prominent way and helpins in an engaging format. This eventually increases the possibility of the ad being filled. Therefore, it turns out to be important to optimise the placement of the ad for the maximisation of revenue and showcasing the potential of a website. 

Monitor and Optimize Ad Fill

Monitoring is very important for the publisher as because of that they know that whether the monetization of their ad inventory is turning out good or not. Although Optimisation rate in order to maximise the revenue from advertiser should be focused on the high quality demand sources because of which they will be able to deliver high ad fill rate. 

Negotiate Direct Deals

While negotiating a deal the advertiser agrees  to bid on the Inventory of the publisher that is offered using a pre-negotiated or a fixed CPM. Negotiating directly is a type of transaction that is between the advertiser and the publisher without the involvement of an intermediate, therefore it is a one to one advertising agreement between two parties. 


The aim of the publisher is to clearly increase the ad fill rate and having considered the User experience and the placement of the ads in a strategic way, it is very needful to understand how the ad fill works and what does not need to be done before taking any informed decision. 

You need to follow the above mentioned steps as it is already proven and tested by the publisher and it clearly gave a promising result. 

How to Choose a Google Adx Partner: Did You Know?

How to Choose a Google Adx Partners: Did You Know?

Did You Know? Google Adx partners are not easy to choose as you need to pay heed to every consideration that ensures reputable and effective partners who work to maximize your ad revenue. Before choosing any Google Adx partner you need to define the goal and evaluate the reputation of the partner that you are choosing. Thereafter, review its target capability and seek the transparency that it offers. 

What is a Google AdX Partner?

Google ADX partner acts as a Google Adx reseller which is a third party and helps you access the Google ad exchange as a premium advertising marketplace with the high CPM deals. It also helps to increase the revenue of the website and improve the quality of the ad. When it comes to Google ad exchange partners, Google MCM is the best program as it connects the Google ad exchange to the website. MagicBid is a Google ad exchange reseller that helps you connect your website to the Google Adx. 

What is a Google Certified Channel Partners?

Google Certified Channel Partner
Google certified channel partner is awarded only by Google to the ad tech companies who achieves a proficiency in deployment of the Google advertising tools like the Google ad Manager or the Google AdSense. Magic bid has been thoroughly reviewed and the endorse the service quality and the efficacy

Ad Mediation: magic bid accelerates providing a unified platform that integrates multiple ad networks. It also allows the developer to access a wide range of demand sources without managing the separate integration. 

Ad optimization: by growing in the algorithm Magic bid automatically optimises the ad network selection which is based on factors like eCPM. 

Dedicated support: it gives dedicated support and automatically optimises the ad network selection. This Optimisation helps in maximisation of Ad revenue that delivers the most relevant and highest paying ads to the user. 

Transparent Report: magic bid on one hand accelerates the transparent reporting that enables the developer for tracking the ad revenue and earning from a different ad network. 

Real Time Analytics: it accelerates providing detailed and real time analytics on the ad performance that allows the developer to monitor the key metrics. 

How Do I Get Access to Google AdX?

How Do I Get Access to Google AdXFor getting the access you need to go through the Google account manager or there is also a medium called Google MCM aur reach it out through a publishing channel called magicbid_ai. Here, you will get a great amount of flexibility but there is also a need for advertising technology which will help you in maximising the artery venue from the platform. If you are working with an ad tech company you need to share a part of the revenue but the partner on the other hand will be taking care of the advertising operation optimizations. 

How Do I Become a Google AdX Partner?

To become the Google Adx partner the very first thing you need to do is signing up your Google ad manager account (GAM) which will establish a good viewability and score. Invalid traffic should be avoided and there should be family and friendly content for review. After all this the Google account manager assesses the suitability of your GAM account which has been live for a few months. If in case you get the direct taxes you get the flexibility to manage your own Adx account. 

For accessing the Google Adx directly you need to: 

  • Have a Google Ad manager account. 
  • There should be no history of policy violation, invalid traffic or content that is unsafe. 
  • There should be at least 5 million page views per month. 
  • An updated ads.txt file with all the detailed buyers should be there. 
  • There should be at least 10 million Ad impression per month for at least 6 months. 

How to Choose a Google AdX Partner?

While choosing a Google Adx partner you should check list the following criterias of the partner: 

  • There should be contracts without any lock-ins. 
  • MCM account access. 
  • Transparent revenue share. 
  • Anti malvertising
  • Responsive support of the account management. 
  • Solution for gdpr and ccpa compliance. 
  • High quality partner website
  • High quality ads
  • Good reviews from the high quality website. 

Google MCM Approved Partners

Google MCM Approved PartnersGoogle has specifically switched from being a scaling partner management to a multiple Customer Management. Talking about it in brief the SPM account is phrased and will no longer be accessible with the Google Adx. Therefore there shall be a surety that you are working with Google.

The Google MCM delivers the following improvements: 

  • It comes up with a new management feature of ad.
  • The functionality for the Managing publisher permission is more. 
  • There is more transparency for the publisher. 

‘MagicBid is a Google Certified Channel Partner’. 

Conclusion – You Know What’s Important?

Finding the right adx partner is not easy and is quite a tough task but there should always be an eye out there for finding a partner that raises the potential based on the above criteria. MagicBid comes as a Google certified channel partner that helps you for building a set of premium advertisers and the ad network that respects the user, builds trust and deliver better results. 

What is Hybrid Monetization – MagicBid.Ai

What is Hybrid Monetization – MagicBid.Ai

What is hybrid monetization? Lets land up on its whole model. It refers to the business strategy or model which combines multiple methods that generate revenue. This monetization method comes as a mixture of different approaches together. This model of monetization uses the combination of in- app purchases and In-app ads that blend together to maximize revenue at large. The clear goal of the developer is to enrich the lifetime value by using any number of those combinations together. 

The hybrid monetization model comes as a strategic move that improves the user to enhance the app base. It also helps to enlarge the lifetime value overall. This model helps in the ad integration to maximize the revenue which is further made easy by the Magicbid SDK. 

Where did Hybrid Monetization come from? 

Earlier there were not so many ways through which money could be made from the applications as there were only unlimited sources. Users then had two options: either they could make an in-app purchase or they may pay to download. Developers used to make their profit from the impression and the banner ad which turned out to be a solid way to generate revenue. 

There were also many loops in this as many of them were not spending money on In app purchase, for a month. Therefore, the developers need to think about the other streams to generate revenue. 

The market starts to become more competitive and so are the developers. Hence, thinking of new ways turned out to be really necessary. A monetization strategy was much needed as it helps to improve the experience of how ads were interwoven and thereafter came the hybrid monetization model. 

Hybrid Monetization for Mobile Gaming Apps

Hybrid monetization for mobile gaming appsIn the hybrid monetization model the gaming app has to add a combination of strategy together in order to generate revenue and enlarge the profit percent. The in-app purchase, Advertising, Subscription, DLC and expansion packs, sponsorship and partnership, rewards and offer helps in diversification of revenue stream and cater different players for the overall profitability. 

In casual games the ads are the only thing around which the monetization revolves. Therefore, you need to hold the benefit and skill level which is usually simple and make the game accessible to the large number of audience. 

What are Rewarded Video Ads? 

The rewarded video ads are used typically in the games and in mobile applications where users get the option to watch an advertisement on a voluntary basis in exchange of some benefit or in app reward.

There are several benefits of rewarded video ads that lead to success. These kinds of ads create a value in exchange from all the advertisers for getting the content and building a positive association with the ads. The developers can also make use of these kinds of apps to provide a high quality user experience. 

Designing the Ad into the App

It is very important to give a user-friendly and seamless experience to the user. Sometimes the ads get designed in the actual application. The extra life could also be given to the player for watching a quick app or there could be a special weapon to reach on to the next level, for instance. 

Hence, Designing the ad into the app could be a better option for high quality in game monetization that could attract the user. 

In-App Bidding and What it Means for Developers

In-app bidding and what it means for developersWith the help of In-app bidding, the developers are able to sell the ad inventory in auction. This kind of bidding refers to the optimization and selling of the ad inventory. Talking about the traditional way the developer could integrate different kinds of ad networks into their app and manage it individually that could be time consuming and inefficient too. 

In contrast with the in-app bidding, the developers could run simultaneous auctions and maximise their revenue as it comes as an automated process. This kind of bidding also helps in creating a good network of ecosystems that not only allows developers to make use of the opportunity but also helps in the increase of ad impression that eventually leads to the growth of your business. 

The in app bidding also saves the time to manage the data giving a high CPM that increases revenue for the publisher. 

Other Ads that Helps you Monetize: Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads

The Hybrid Monetization model comes from a traditional way therefore, it also supports different kinds of ads. 

Passive Ad Experiences

In this kind of ad experience you don’t need to have an acting engagement and it also requires a minimum physical space from the audience. You can seamlessly integrate the user environment without interrupting their service. Native advertising, static display, product placement, background ad and sponsored ads are some of the example of passive ad experience. 

This kind of ad clearly captivate the audience attention without disrupting the current activity maintaining a positive and user friendly experience. Banner ads were prevalent at times and appeared on the top and bottom of the screen in the form of text, video or image. They are also a kind of passive ad experience that drives a high volume of traffic. 

Interstitial ads on the other hand are a full screen overlay which turn out to be engaging as compared to the banner ad. They do not generate impressions as compared with the banner ads but have a high CPM rate. 

Hybrid monetization will continue to evolve with the evolving change in the Dynamics the mobile ad industry, will also have a change in hybrid and so will the monetization strategies.

The app and the developer will turn the hybrid model and maximise the revenue using a combination of strategies. 


The Hybrid Monetization Model can go on any of the platforms. it can be posted on Android, iOS Or any other existing platform. Hence, the MagicBid SDK also has the capability to monetize the hybrid apps which are developed on other technology other than the native technology. This involves a combination of Technical integration strategic decisions that makes the ongoing monitoring to ensure that it is maximizing your advertising revenue while giving a positive user experience. 

Click Redirection: Ad Clicks Same as We Are Redirected to?

Click Redirection: Ad Clicks Same as We Are Redirected to?

In the constantly changing world of digital advertising, “click redirection” has become a significant worry for programmatic publishers. As digital publishers, we often assume that when a user clicks on an ad, they’ll go straight to the intended destination – a smooth journey for everyone involved. However, the reality can be quite different. Magic Shield effectively address the issue and get a firm grip of traffic. 

Around 28% of the loss due to fraudulent web traffic occurs on mobile, with click redirection being a major contributor. This kind of fraud can seriously impact both mobile advertisers and publishers, causing credibility issues and generating fraudulent impressions. This blog explores the world of click redirection, explaining how it works, its impact on programmatic publishers, and most importantly, how to protect your campaigns against this ad fraud technique. 

Understanding Click Redirection

Understanding Click RedirectionClick redirection is a deceptive practice that undermines the integrity of online advertising campaigns. Let’s break down how this technique operates:

  • Initial Click: A user clicks on an ad on a publisher’s website, usually out of genuine interest or curiosity, starting a sequence of events.
  • The Redirect Script: Unbeknownst to the user, a malicious redirect script is embedded in the ad or the ad tag. This script diverts the user to a different URL, away from the advertiser’s intended content.
  • Fraudulent Intermediary: Click redirection often involves a fraudulent intermediary, like a click farm or a network of bots, artificially inflating the click count.
  • Landing on an Unintended Page: Instead of reaching the expected landing page, the user ends up on a different website, diluting the original advertiser’s message and compromising their objectives.
  • Loss of Quality Engagement: User experience suffers, and the advertiser’s budget is wasted on irrelevant or fraudulent clicks, devaluing the effectiveness of the entire ad campaign.
  • Masking the Fraud: Click redirection may cleverly mask itself by briefly redirecting users to the intended landing page before diverting them elsewhere, making it more challenging to detect.

Impact on Publishers

Publishers also face consequences of this unhealthy scheme deployed by fraudsters.

  • Ad Budget Drain: Click redirection inflates the number of clicks, leading to a drain on the advertiser’s budget with no genuine value.
  • Decreased Trust: Constant redirection to unrelated or low-quality websites erodes trust in the publisher’s platform.
  • Reduced Advertiser Satisfaction: Advertisers dissatisfied with click redirection may lead to lost partnerships and revenue.
  • Reputation Damage: The prevalence of click redirection can tarnish the publisher’s reputation, making it difficult to attract both advertisers and users.

Avoiding Click Redirection

Understanding the detrimental impact of click redirection, it’s crucial to explore strategies to protect ad campaigns and the interests of programmatic publishers.

  • Vet Your Ad Partners: Research potential advertisers or ad networks thoroughly, ensuring they have a strong track record of delivering quality traffic and ethical advertising practices.
  • Use Anti-Fraud Tools: Employ ad fraud detection and prevention tools, such as anti-click fraud software, to identify and block click redirection attempts in real time.
  • Regular Auditing: Regularly audit ad placements and monitor for suspicious behavior by analyzing click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates.
  • User Behaviour Analysis: Invest in tools to understand user behavior and identify click fraud attempts by detecting patterns that deviate from normal engagement.

Ad Clicks vs. Redirects: Understanding the Difference

In digital marketing, discerning between ad clicks and redirects is crucial for campaign analysis.

Ad Clicks

Firstly do you understand Ad clicks occur when users actively engage with an ad by clicking on it? These are the following points:

  • Signify user interest and engagement with ad content.
  • Users click on ads, leading them to designated landing pages or websites.
  • Directly reflect user interaction with advertisements.


Redirects happen when users are automatically directed to another webpage without explicit action. These are the following points:

  • It occurs when users are automatically directed to another webpage.
  • Can result from ad placements, tracking mechanisms, or website optimizations.
  • Offer insights into user behavior and ad placement effectiveness.

Importance of Understanding the Difference

Magic Shield Understand your

  • Enables advertisers to accurately assess campaign performance.
  • Helps identify areas for improvement and maximize ROI.
  • Ensures transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.

Monitoring and Optimization

You can monitor and optimize to help advertisers evaluate campaign performance effectively. These are the following points:

  • Advertisers should monitor both ad clicks and redirects.
  • Use insights to refine ad strategies and improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Transparency and user consent regarding redirects are essential for maintaining trust.


Understanding the difference between ad clicks and redirects is vital for digital advertisers. It allows for more informed decision-making and optimization of ad campaigns. Magic Shield always monitoring both metrics and ensuring transparency, advertisers can enhance user engagement and achieve better results.

As a digital publisher, staying vigilant against ad fraud techniques like click redirection is crucial for protecting your reputation and revenue streams. By understanding how click redirection works and taking proactive steps to prevent it, you can ensure a more transparent and trustworthy advertising environment for both your audience and your advertising partners.

Google March 2024 Core Update: Web Creators Do Not Miss Out

Google March 2024 Core Update: Web Creators Do Not Miss Out

The most awaited March 2024 core update has been announced and there are certain things that have been curated specifically in order to improve the quality of the search. This has been brought to tackle the low quality content and gives you an urge to make it attractive in terms of click and peoples usage. This core update has also configured about all the negative impact on the Google search result and has introduced some new policies that handles these core results in a better way.

All About Google March 2024 Core Update

This update is more comprehensive than any other usual core updates as it not only changes the core system but also evolves and teaches to identify, how helpful a content really is? Therefore, with many manipulative techniques that are related to the sub standard content, it has implemented some fresh baked spam policies which aims to counter the content problems.

The search engine algorithm and policies have been subjected to the initial enhancement. The core ranking system will now be able to show the helpful result using a variety of new signals that are more innovative and broader with its approach having a clear contrast with the multiple system to identify reliable information which was used before.

It can take over a month for rolling out this complex update as there are likely to be fluctuations and ranking as compared with the regular core update. Surprisingly, there needs to be no changes if you are a creator and creating engageable and satisfying content which are meant for people. No matter if you are ranking or not but if you are in the race of creating helpful and insightful content then you should not worry.

New Spam Policies

The new spam policies are specifically designed to address the practice that negatively impacts the quality of Google search results. The new spam policies targets to eliminate the low quality content from the search results. Google introduces three spam policies against the pre-followed bad practices: Site reputation, Scaled abuse content and expired domain abuse are the three.

On the other hand the content creators are also encouraged to review all the newly introduced spam policy and ensure that they are not following any of these practices. In case any of the site is caught violating the spam policy created they eventually will rank low or disappear from the search result. The site owner will receive the notice through a registered search console account.

Understanding Spam Policies

It is very crucial to understand the spam policies as it is directly going to affect the performance and functioning of your side. There are two ways through which the spam policies can be understood which is expired domain abuse and scaled content abuse. The former means using the malicious and unethical domains that have already expired and are purchased later by any individual or organization that has an intention to engage with stuff that provides no value to the user. For instance, if a domain that has been purchased earlier for running a medical site but later it has been re-purposed and currently hosting entertainment or any other related content with a hope that it might perform well based on previous ownership.

Scaled content abuse on other hand refers to the practice of creating a large volume of low quality content and spreading it across various online platforms to manipulate the search ranking and generate revenue. The newly introduced spam policy, certains to take action on such kind of content as per need without keeping in notice that is it generated by the human effort or through any other automation process. Therefore, as per the news spam policy you need to pay focus on providing valuable content to the user.

Site Reputation Abuse

It is the exploitation of the site for any malicious purpose. Whenever a third party page is published with no first party involvement and its clear purpose is to manipulate the search ranking and take the advantage of the first first ranking, it is called side reputation abuse. As these kind of abuse provide no value to the user it clearly is a Sham.

The new policy don’t considered the third party content to be a violation which is hosted without a close oversight and intends to manipulate the ranking. Let’s dive into an example: there are many publication that host advertising content and it has a clear intention for their regular reader rather than to primarily manipulate the search ranking. These kind of content does not create any confusion between The reader when they find it on the publisher site directly or when arriving it from the Google search result.

These kind of content needs to be blocked from the Google search so as to avoid the spam policy. The new policy regarding this will be effective from May 5th 2024.

What Ranking System Does a Site Have?

What ranking system does a site haveThe core ranking system is curated to work on the page level and it uses a variety of signal and system for a better understanding of how to rank individual pages. Site-wide signals are also considered in this process.


Coupon Area Concrerns

There are many coupon area concerns that is whether having a coupon area while working with a third party is considered spam? To answer this the new policy can clearly be breakdown as it says- the goal is just to improve constantly by fighting all the spam that clearly will ensure a great helpful content. Those who are producing a helpful content will succeed ahead in the search result as compared to those who are engaging in the spam. Therefore, the maintinance of the content integrity and relevancy is prominent.


The March 2024 core update has introduced many algorithmic changes that are design to enhance the quality of search result and subside the unoriginal content in the search result by 40%. The pivotal object is to surface the most valuable information on the web and shrink the unoriginal content and secure in the Google ranking system.

It clearly aim to curb the domain abuse with any tactics involve that enhances the search ranking of the inferior quality content. Therefore adherence to policies is decisive to maintain your search result visibility. You need to stay informed about the Google updates and prioritize giving a good experience to your user with your content. 

Types of Mobile Ad Frauds

Types of Mobile Ad Frauds

Mobile advertising faces a barrage of challenges, from ad stacking to install frauds. Fraudsters employ sophisticated techniques, disrupting and infecting mobile ad campaigns. Let’s explore the types of mobile ad frauds that plague the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Mobile ad fraud is a kind of deceptive practice that exploits the advertising system of the mobile for financial games and encompasses many fraudulent activities. It comes as a significant challenge for the advertiser, advertising platforms and all the app developers but combatting all magic bid turns out to be an ultimate solution for the same. It helps in filtering and validating all the traffic that is in accordance with the MRC guideline which is related to both general and sophisticated traffics giving you inside from the page visit. 

Different Types of Mobile Ad Frauds

Different Types of Mobile Ad Frauds

Ad Stacking:

  • Multiple ads are stacked upon each other.
  • Users engage with the top ad, but multiple advertisers are billed.
  • Fraudsters benefit numerous times per user, often without user awareness.

Attribution Fraud:

  • Fraudsters take fake credits for an app install using malware.
  • Malware tracks user activity, generating fake click reports and attributing engagement to the fraudster.
  • Fraudster gets paid for organic installs without effort.

Click Farms:

  • Physical locations where mobile ad frauds are committed using a swarm of devices and click farmers.
  • Generates fake impressions on mobile ad campaigns.
  • Evades detection by changing IP addresses through VPNs.

Click Spamming:

  • Generates fake clicks in the name of users who haven’t engaged with the ads.
  • Fraudulent apps present impressions as clicks, claiming a share of the advertiser’s budget.
  • It makes the advertising platform believe that the ads are generating a greater amount of interaction from the user perspective.
  • IVT management solutions like MagicShield offer filters to tackle click spamming.

Click Injection:

  • Fraudster hijacks the app install of real users by listening to install broadcasts.
  • Charges the click to the fraudster even before the installation is completed.
  • Uses a dormant app to inform the fraudster about the app installation.

Device ID Reset Fraud:

  • Exploits the ability of Android and iOS to reset device IDs.
  • Resets device ID after installation, making every reinstall appear as an organic install.
  • Bad actors capitalize on this opportunity to manipulate app installs.

Bundle ID Spoofing:

  • Fraudsters misrepresent ads running on one app by assigning fake identifiers to another.
  • Creates a bundle of IDs that impersonates legitimate apps, deceiving advertisers.

SDK Spoofing:

  • A malware-infused legitimate app generates clicks and impressions for a different app.
  • Engages users without marketing or installing the app.
  • Fraudsters attract engagements and impressions from another app.

Emulated Devices:

  • Simulations of mobile devices and operating systems on computers.
  • Used to generate fake impressions and engagements by creating fake users.
  • Exhausts the advertiser’s budget without genuine user engagement.

Click Redirection:

  • More common on the mobile web.
  • Redirects users to an app install landing page even when the click wasn’t intended for an ad.
  • Fraudster gets attributed for the conversion if the user downloads the app due to redirection.


The fraud makes adds many negative on the website that brings out financial losses which clear out all the resources. Magic Shield comes to your rescue when it comes to mobile ad fraud as it brings out all the insights from the page validating the conversion and being a one stop solution for the prevention of Mobile ad fraud. The magic tag by magicbid uses the fraud detection service that measures your viewability working with a trusted monetization source. This also verifies the IP, domain and the app bundles drilling down the traffic report. It also uses an anti Malware software that protects the page from performing worse, preventing it from any real time attack. 

Ad Monetization Strategies for Gaming Publishers

Ad Monetization Strategies for Gaming Publishers

In recent years, the gaming advertising industry has transformed significantly, going from a niche market to a global powerhouse. Ad Monetization has become crucial for programmatic gaming publishers, driving their growth. This dynamic landscape presents endless opportunities for personalized ad strategies, benefiting both gamers and advertisers. The evolving industry too has a negative effect on the ad monetization that can be further protected by Magic Shield which acts as an advanced ad fraud solution giving you higher ecpm and advertisers that enhances your performance. 

The in-game advertising market is projected to grow steadily at an annual rate of 11.38% (CAGR 2023-2027), reaching a market volume of US$145.50 billion by 2027. As the gaming industry continues to boom, staying updated with trends and adopting innovative strategies is essential. Let’s explore the trends shaping the gaming industry, their impact on advertisers and publishers, and personalized ad monetization strategies for programmatic gaming publishers.

Trends Impacting Advertisers and Publishers in the Gaming Industry:

Monetization Strategies for Mobile Games

Monetization Strategies for Mobile Games

Discover effective Monetization Strategies for Mobile Games in this comprehensive guide. Learn about these freemium models, subscription services, rewarded ads, CTV/OTT monetization, and more. Find insights to maximize revenue while ensuring player satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Whether you are an independent developer or publisher, optimize your mobile game’s revenue streams with actionable tips from this resource.

Rise of Mobile Gaming

      • Millions of smartphone users engage in mobile gaming, offering a vast audience for ad monetization as mobile games often rely on ads for revenue.

In-Game Advertising

      • Native and non-disruptive ads within games are gaining popularity, providing opportunities for unique and engaging ad formats seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience.

E-Sports and Live Streaming

      • E-sports and live streaming attract a massive following, leading to increased investments from advertisers in sponsorships, partnerships, and in-game ad placements.

User-Generated Content

      • User-generated content, including game mods, videos, and fan-generated content, is thriving. Publishers can partner with content creators for sponsored content and promotions.

VR and AR Gaming

VR and AR Gaming

Virtual and Augmented Reality gaming is on the rise, creating possibilities for interactive and immersive advertising experiences.

Ad Monetization Strategies for Gaming Publishers

Ad Monetization Strategies for Gaming Publishers

1. In-Game Ads

Publishers can insert non-disruptive ads directly within gameplay, blending naturally with the game’s theme to reach the audience effectively.

2. Interstitial Ads

Full-screen ads appearing between levels or during breaks provide a natural pause for displaying ads without causing disruption.

3. Rewarded Ads

Reward-based ads offer in-game rewards in exchange for watching an ad, creating a win-win situation for players and publishers.

4. Sponsored Content and Events

Collaborating with advertisers for sponsored in-game events or content enhances the gaming experience and opens up a new revenue stream.

5. In-App Purchases and Virtual Goods

Offering enticing in-app purchases and virtual goods within games can be a significant revenue source, balancing pricing and perceived value.

Ad monetization in the gaming industry is an ongoing journey of adaptation and innovation. Programmatic gaming publishers can succeed by embracing trends, experimenting with various ad formats, and prioritizing the gaming experience. As the industry expands, so do the opportunities for those ready to explore and invest in the future of gaming ad monetization.


Monetization can be a lucrative venture for the publishers. With the changing gaming strategy it comes with endless opportunities as well. In game advertising, rewarded video ads, playable ads or something like interstitial ads are different forms of it. Magic Shield therefore act as a protector which verifies user IPs and the domains and also drill down the reports based on the quality of the traffic. It also helps to enable the strong supply chain through the Magic SDK and the Magic Tag.

What is Click Spam and How Can You Stop It?

What is Click Spam and How Can You Stop It? 

Do you know? What is Click Spam and how can you stop it? Click Spam is defined as the practice of inflating the number of clicks online by an automated means. In recent years the malware concerns are on a great increase. This is a form of click fraud which mostly affects mobile ad fraud. There are various ways to stop the click spamming that includes Bot detection, IP filtering, machine learning, Ad fraud detection services and strict policies and enforcement. Magic Shield by Magic Tag also helps to beat click spamming that offers website owners to easily detect the unwanted traffic. 

What is Click Spam? [Definition]

Click Spam is a type of fraud where fraudulent parties use a mobile app or website to generate non-human clicks, making them look like real impressions. There are several ways through which you can detect and stop The Click spam. Bot detection, user behaviour analysis, IP filtering, strict policies and enforcement, ad fraud detection services and traffic quality monitoring are some of the frequent methods to stop the same. 

There are several ways through which you can detect and stop the Click Spam. Bot detection, user behaviour analysis, IP filtering, strict policies and enforcement, ad fraud detection services and traffic quality monitoring are some of the frequent methods to stop the same. 

How Does Click Spam Work?

How Does Click Spam WorkWhen a user downloads an app, be it of any kind like the calculator or any other tempting downloads that considers a game app. Every application contains an inbuilt feature which can conduct the activities in the background on the users behalf. This includes the clicking on ads that converts it in the number of views or Impressions count on ads in the app into clicks. Magicbid by magic shield investigates the ad fraud in an instant way and protects the ads spamming. 

Working of Click Spam

  • After the user downloads an already infected app. 
  • The app has an inbuilt code that helps in creating a number of clicks known as spam clicks. 
  • Therefore, all the clicks of the ad is then assigned to a developer and in case of an unrelated download from the app store, the developer gets paid for the same. 
  • The click spam twists the data that often looks effective as they are. 

Types of Click Spam

Types of Click Spam

1. Background Clicks

By this method, the background click is installed which gives rise to two scenarios: 

  • When the spammer clicks the background from where the user has engaged with the application, it appears as though the user has himself engaged with a Mobile ad. 
  • The application generates a click all the time in case it is running in the background. 
2. Impressions As Clicks

The fraudsters use Impressions as click to mislead the advertiser and portray that they are actually doing conversion. Hence the Impressions as click usually increases the spend of ad creating the uncertainty of ad network. 

3. Device Clicks

When the spammer sends the click to the tracking vendors from the fake if device, it’s called the device clicks. 

What Are the Effects of Click Spamming on Advertisers?

Click spamming has various harmful effect on the advertiser that not only impacts finances but also turn effective for the advertising campaign. Let’s have a look at several effects: 

Increased Ad Spend

The market budget is adversely affected by the click spamming. Therefore the spammers try to generate fake likes to receive the payment for the ad click. 

Inaccurate Organic Traffic

Usually the click spam is tracked by the organic user. Therefore, without having deep analytics it is not easy to differentiate between who is the real user and who is the fake one. Therefore, the ad campaign report should highly turn out to be inaccurate. 

Bad Marketing Decisions

Today’s world is wholly based on data therefore the marketers often try to take the decisions that are data driven. In the fraudulent act, advertisers gets access to the inaccurate data. 

How Can You Detect and Stop Click Spam?

You may detect and stop the click spam by some proactive measures and continuous monitoring and several other ways: 

Analyze Traffic and Conversions

Invalid traffic is attributed to a high amount of crowd visits in a short span of time. The projection in the number of clicks and the unusual pattern refers to a fraudulent click. Therefore, this does not lead to conversion. 

The fake traffic does not lead to conversion. Hence, if a higher amount of traffic is dealt with by you with a lower conversion, there is something that needs to be looked after. Magicbid protects the ad spamming by verifying users and affiliates. 

Analyze Publisher Analytics

The ads which are from click spamming does not interact in a way like the real users. You can identify the pattern and by clicking distribution indicates when the app generates the fake click. 

App Validation

By the advertising networks the apps are usually reviewed. To ensure the exchange the code in the app is malicious. It is necessary to not validate and the bad code will go undetected. 

App validation takes a longer time as all the developers will share the code. 

Be Proactive in Fighting Click Fraud

Fighting Click Fraud

The measures that are stated above are then helpful in the identification of click spam. By using such a proactive algorithm and using a sophisticated solution we can help identify and block fraudulent activity before it consumes the budget of advertising. 

As you manually choose what ad network and placement to use. This turns out to be time-consuming. This minimizes and even automates your work. 


As a digital advertiser, you should stay aware of the negative impact. Click fraud activity like click spam can have on marketing activity. The primary step in preventing click spam is to stay updated on how it works. While taking preventive action that ensures the click spam is identified and blocked as soon as it happens. 

When it comes to digital publishers they get most of the ads on websites. Advertisers and the online platform employ multiple measures that detect and prevent click spam to maintain the credibility and effectiveness of the advertising ecosystem. Magic Shield uses the magic of filters, proprietary intelligence, and last-mile integrations with the best customer support. Therefore, to protect ad spamming this should be your first choice.