Exploring the Possibilities of Ads Slider

Exploring The Possibilities Of

Ads Slider

Are you ready to learn about “ads sliders”? They’re these magnificent devices that assist organizations with showing their promotions in a truly cool manner on the web. We should investigate for what reason they’re so significant in the realm of computerized promoting. These are those little slideshows of promotions you see on sites and applications. They’re no joking matter in the realm of computerized advertising, and we’ll explain to you why.

Ad Sliders Enhancing User Engagement

 Enhancing User Engagement

Envision looking at your site or utilizing your go-to portable application, and unexpectedly, you run over a progression of eye-getting pictures or messages that easily coast across your screen. That is the enchantment of promotion sliders! Not at all like conventional static promotions, advertisement sliders offer a charming and drawing-in experience for clients. By exhibiting numerous advertisements in a solitary, reduced space, they expand openness while limiting interruption, finding some kind of harmony between advancement and client experience.

1. Utilizing Google AdMob Control Center

Google AdMob Control’s focus is on areas of strength for managing advancement campaigns, enabling steady consolidation of promotions sliders into flexible applications, and giving improvement tips to growing pay.

2. Contextual analyses and Examples of overcoming adversity

Certified models show off the ampleness of advancements sliders in driving responsibility and pay for associations across various endeavors.

Getting Started

  Getting Started

To start integrating promotion sliders into your computerized showcasing procedure, begin by exploring stages or devices that offer advertisement slider usefulness. Search for easy-to-understand choices that line up with your publicizing objectives and ideal interest group. Whenever you’ve picked a stage, dive more deeply into its highlights and capacities to make the most out of promotion sliders.

Advantages Of Ads Sliders


One of the indispensable advantages of advancement sliders is their versatility. Whether it’s propelling another thing, proclaiming a remarkable recommendation, or basically creating brand care, advancement sliders can conform to various displaying targets without any problem. Besides, their dynamic nature considers more vital creative minds and experimentation in advancement arrangement, engaging associations to make obviously stunning and fundamental missions that enduringly affect their group.

Solutions To Handle Ads Slider

Really overseeing promotion sliders includes a few key systems. First and foremost, guarantee that the substance showed in the sliders is significant, convincing, and lined up with your advertising targets. Routinely screen execution measurements, for example, navigate rates and transformation rates to evaluate the viability of your promotion sliders and make changes on a case-by-case basis. In addition, stay revived on industry examples and best practices to perpetually upgrade your advancement slider campaigns for the most prominent impact.

Future Patterns And Advancements

Future Patterns And Advancements

As advancement continues to create, the possible destiny of advancements sliders holds potential for extra upgrades and headways, shaping the automated publicizing scene in exciting new ways.


 Advancement sliders offer a persuading reply for associations wanting to further develop their electronic exhibiting tries. By embracing the likely results of advancement sliders, associations can make distinctive publicizing experiences that delight their group and drive results. In this manner, whether you’re a privately owned business or an overall brand, think about coordinating advancement sliders into your displaying strategy to open their most extreme limit and hang out in the dilemma-stuffed mechanized scene.


How Magicbid Will Help You

MagicBid revolutionizes app, web, and CTV monetization with its advanced ad platform, offering seamless integration, robust targeting, and dynamic ad formats. By optimizing ad placements and enhancing user engagement, MagicBid boosts revenue while maintaining a smooth user experience. It’s an essential tool for developers and publishers aiming for efficient and effective monetization across multiple platforms.

How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Ads for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Ads for Your Business

Are you willing to explore the various types of mobile ads that can benefit your business? Let’s talk and start exploring the different types of mobile ads. In the present modern age, arriving at clients through versatile advertisements is essential for any business’s prosperity. Yet, with such countless choices accessible, how would you pick the right sort of versatile promotions for your business? How about we separate it in basic terms? So let’s start with:

Understanding Your Audience

Prior to plunging into the universe of versatile advertisements, understanding your interest group is fundamental. Who are they? What are their inclinations? Which stages do they visit? Understanding what your listeners might be thinking will assist you with fitting your advertisements successfully.

Understanding Your Audience

Types of Mobile Ads

How about we explore the assorted kinds of versatile promotions molding the scene of current publicizing? Let’s explore some best types of mobile advertising:Mobile Ads

1. Search Ads

These advertisements show up at the highest point of web search tool results. They are perfect for focusing on clients effectively looking for items or administrations like yours.

2. Display Ads

Show advertisements are visual pennants that show up on sites, applications, or web-based entertainment takes care of. They’re wonderful for making brand care and reaching a wide group.


3. Video Advertisements

Video promotions play previously, during, or after internet-based recordings. They’re connected with and can pass on a ton of data in a brief time frame, making them ideal for narrating and item exhibitions.

4. Native Ads

Local promotions mix consistently into the client’s perusing experience. They match the structure and capability of the stage they show up on, bringing about higher commitment and navigate rates.

5. Social Media Ads

 With billions of dynamic clients, online entertainment stages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer strong promoting open doors. You can target explicit socioeconomics, interests, and ways of behaving, making these promotions profoundly powerful.

Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider


Decide the amount you’re willing to spend on versatile promoting. Each kind of promotion has its own evaluating structure, so pick the one that lines up with your financial plan objectives.


Might it be said that you are hoping to increment deals,dr ive site traffic, or lift brand mindfulness? Your publicizing objectives will impact the sort of versatile promotions you pick.



Focus on key execution markers (KPIs) like active clicking factor (CTR), transformation rate, and profit from speculation (return for capital invested). These estimations will help you with evaluating the advancement of your adaptable advancement campaigns.


Picking the right sort of adaptable ads for your business can on a very basic level influence your displaying tries. By getting a handle on your group, considering your spending plan and targets, and noticing key estimations, you can pick the best versatile promotions to reach and interface with your objective clients. Accordingly, take as much time as is required, investigate various roads concerning various advancement designs, and watch your business prosper in the flexible scene.


How Magicbid Will Help You

MagicBid offers a smoothed-out way to deal with application adaptation, giving different promotion designs customized to your crowd and business objectives. By utilizing MagicBid, you can boost income while upgrading client experience through designated and non-meddlesome commercials. With its simple joining and powerful investigation, MagicBid engages you to improve promotion execution and drive practical development for your portable application. Open the maximum capacity of your application adaptation system with MagicBid today.

10 Signs Ad Marketing Campaign is Being Targeted by Bot Attacks

10 Signs Ad Marketing Campaign is Being Targeted by Bot Attacks

Ad marketing has become one of the most crucial factors and the soul of a digital business that drives growth, traffic, revenue and engagement. With marketing there also comes certain malicious activities that affect every factor in a possible way. Bad bots give a significant amount of threat for the success in any campaign. Bots are certain automated programs that mimic the behaviour of humans and infiltrate our website completely which also manipulates the engagement of ads. It’s very important to acknowledge the alarming sign that can adversely affect your marketing efforts. 

Bots almost cover 30% of the traffic that is coming on the internet. Therefore, their presence cannot be countered inevitably. When the bots target the website they compromise the integrity, authenticity and every other analytics that also undermines your ROI. Let’s look at certain signs that tell us that your ad campaign is targeted. 

Detecting Bot Attacks: 10 Signs Your Ad Campaign is Targeted

ad marketing campaign

1. Unusually High Click-through Rates (CTR)

If you are facing a sudden increase in the CTR without any engagement metrics and conversion rise, it is surely the indication of the bots click. These kinds of bots inflate The metrics artificially but do not deliver genuine interaction. 

2. Abrupt/Quick Changes in Traffic Patterns

It is not a green flag, if you are facing traffic Spikes suddenly from the activity that is caused by bot. Increased traffic is also positive but when but only when it is coming from a certain kind of marketing or organically. Therefore, it is important to analyse where this unusual pattern is coming from as it might be a bot attack. 

3. Strange User Behavior

Usually the bot follows a regular and repetitive pattern when it comes to their interaction as it imitates the behaviour of humans. Therefore, identifying repetitive sequences of clicks or views that do not match the behaviour of the user or your visitor can also help in spotting the bot attacks activity. 

4. High Bounce Rates

Try to analyse and monitor the bounce rate and the locations from which it is coming geographically. The bot targets a certain region as well that leads to an abnormal increase of bounce rate. Therefore, these kinds of regulations must be pointed out towards bor activity that focuses on the specific area rather than genuine user engagement. 

5. Inflated Impressions

If there is sudden inflation in the rate of impression then there can be an unexpected attack of the bot as the drops in the rate of conversion or any abnormal change that happens during the session will surely impact the credibility of the campaign metrics. 

6. Click Fraud Warnings from Ad Networks

If you are receiving a click fraud warning from the ad network then it is a clear signal that you are facing a bot attack. Therefore, if you suffer from any suspicious sources that are not your usual pattern then you should definitely look out. If there is a genuine engagement with the website that turns out good but whenever it is an engagement given by bot it often generates clicks without any subsequent interaction. 

It is very crucial to investigate the ad network issues which is the click fraud warning and its underlying causes to prevent your website from any kind of malicious attack. 

7. Unexplained Budget Depletion

If there is an unexplained budget depletion in the ad marketing campaign it is a sign that the website is targeted by the bot attack. If you are facing a rapid expenditure with the minimal result then there might be a chance that there is a sudden spike in the click volume and this abnormal click distribution can be a hint of a high click fraud rate. If there is a consistent budget depletion or your facing irregularity in the performance metrics then you should definitely collaborate with the ad platforms like magic bid which can help you mitigate the impact of any kind of bot attack. 

8. Suspicious IP Addresses

If there is an unusual geographical origin or a significant post of click or the interaction with the ads originating from the region where your target audience is not concentrated from then there are high chances that you are facing a Bot attack. Therefore, monitoring the IP address that is associated with your interaction and following the pattern will help you detect the bots primarily. 

9. Unusual Geographic Patterns

If you are facing an anomaly in the Geographic distribution of the traffic that can be a disproportionate number of clicks from the region with the low internet penetration, it is surely an indication of the bot activity. 

10. Lack of Engagement on Landing Pages

If you’re facing lack of engagement on the landing page despite receiving clicks then you need to indicate that the marketing technique is being targeted by the bot attacks. There are certain signs that you need to watch out for such as high bounce rate, low page depth, short session duration, unusual traffic pattern and no conversion event. Monitoring the engagement metrics of the landing page for identification of the genuine interaction will help you detect and prevent yourself from such kind of attacks. 


It is very important to protect your ad marketing campaign from any kind of bot attacks as it is very important for the long run and maximization of return of your site. Therefore, by perfectly analyzing these 10 signs and taking the perfect counter measure to protect them is foremost. Ensuring the efficacy and authenticity of the advertising effort in the digital realm is crucial. 

It is not as easy to deal with the bad bots as it is a long process that requires a constant upgradation and a perfect measurement of analytics. Therefore, by partnering with the magicbid, to get good support that will reduce your challenges. 

Where To Place Your Ads? Best Ad Placement with MagicBid.ai

Where To Place Your Ads? Best Ad Placement with MagicBid.ai

There has been a considerable increase in the digital ecosystem therefore the publishers are clearly finding a new way for maximising the revenue for their website. There has been a variety of revenue models available but magicbid_ai plays a vital role in achieving what the publisher really wants. 

MagicTag by MagicBid offers an impressive ad placement that helps in boosting the revenue. It not only gives the growth but also addresses the issue of the invalid deduction that is caused by the bot. 

What is Ad Placement?

When a single ad unit or a group of ad units has a designated area on the publisher website where they can place their advertisement, that whole setup will be called as an ad placement. 

Google ad placement can be automatically created by the publisher who uses the Google ad and additionally they also get the benefit for defining the placement criteria as per their desire.  The format of the ad and the size of the ad plays a larger role in engaging the user with an ad and it’s the responsibility of the publisher to analyse the user data while placing the ads for ensuring the engagement at a higher rate. 

Why is Ad Placement Important?

The ad placement turns out to be very important if you are into the creation of an online ad campaign. It does not really affect how great the ad is, if no one pays attention. Therefore, the click through rate (CTR) suffers and the opportunity of revenue seems to be lost very easily. 

The ad placement needs to be best; it also depends on the size of the ad and the type of the audio chosen for the attraction of your visitor. 

Factors to Consider When Optimizing Ad Placements

Factors to Optimize Ad Placements

There are certain factors that need to be certainly kept in mind while you are on a way to optimise your ad placement. Once you are done with your tricks and strategy you can proceed to the next level and here are some important consideration where you need to pay your attention on: 

  • Ad Position
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Relevance
  • Ad Frequency

6 Best Ad Placement Optimization Techniques

1. Consider User Experience

User experience consideration is very important while you are placing an ad on the website. As per a recent study, if there is a delay faced by a website while loading. It will affect the user in a negative way and will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, even a 1 to 2 second delay with an unfamiliar site will give you a bad impression. 

User engage in a more good way if there is no distraction faced by them. Therefore, there should always be places where they cannot be mistaken easily and not seen as the website content or design layout. The relevance of the placement of ad should also be kept in mind as the ads which are placed should be as per the data and the behavioural experiences of the user should be kept in mind. 

2. Use Multi-sized Ad Placements

If you will use a multi size ad placement on the website it clearly will help the publisher to improve the ad revenue as there will be a wider range of ad size which considerably will increase the likelihood of the click and the placement of ad. 

3. Use Lazy Loading

Optimization of the website performance is very important therefore it’s better to use the lazy loading technique which will load the content only when it is needed. This technique will prove beneficial for the website that has a variety of video ads and images which significantly helps to improve the load time and give a good user experience. 

4. Place Ads in Strategic Locations

Placement of ads on a strategic location also drive’s growth on your website building. In the success of your advertising campaign it also helps the publisher to boost the odds of grabbing the interest of the viewers. 

Let’s look at the most effective placement of ads: 

Between Paragraphs: In the placement of the ad within the paragraph of the content captures the interest of the readers. 

Sticky Units: these kind of ads are present on the screen and as the user scroll down and up as they approach in an effective way navigating the website.

Above and Below images: if you will position the ad below or above the image it captures the user’s attention in a very strategic way. 

5. Test Different Ad Placements

Tera different kinds of ad placement that have their own strengths and weaknesses. The testing of A/B can be compared to the placement and the format to see which can generate the most revenue. 

6. Consider Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices will be becoming popular and have an important part of the landscape of online advertising. 5 G has become readily available. The usage of mobile phones has considerably increased base almost 51% made up the ad spending. There has been a considerable increase in the usage of mobile phones and the publishers are also able to optimise the ads for the devices. 

Serving mobile friendly ads size is also one way through which the ad placement Optimisation can be done for achieving the bigger objective. 

3 Best Website Ad Placement Strategies for Publishers

Best Website Ad Placement Strategies for Publishers

1. Balancing Customer Experience

It’s very crucial to maximise your revenue by finding a perfect balance of your site and considering the performance and units with the User experience. If you want to provide the best possible user experience you should be loyal to your user base and increase the number of traffic that is coming on to your site. 

The ads  which are performing well may get the more intrusive placement that will harm the user. The engagement of the poor website can also alter the search ranking; it may give the bounce rate at a higher level which can eventually decrease and generate less revenue. 

2. Analysis of User Behavior

It is highly recommended to see the user intent on your site. As the user are going to browse through a long form of content. If you look that at the journey of the user to your site and what you can expect my engaging from it,  you will help yourself in becoming better with the placement of the ad. 

Therefore the user intent must seen with the very core as it helps you to analyse an implement the ad format making the best choice possible. 

3. Look at the Site Data

You should definitely look at the site data to choose the right placement for your ad that will be best guided through the research or inventory performance. There are many ways and tools that can be provided which eventually will help you to make the best decision. 

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics give you an in-depth analysis about the interaction of the site with the traffic that is coming. It also helps to know which content is performing well on the landing page and what can be avoided for getting the best organic search or the direct traffic. 

Heat and Click Maps

Products like MagicBid provide the website owner with the data of the user interaction they also highlight where the user spends most of their time. It helps in understanding that what kind of content your visitor is attracting most with. 

A/B Testing

A or B TestingThis testing for the ad.placement gives you the best user experience of the website. Google clearly helps in the Optimisation and allows you to send the traffic to a link which is very specific for seeing the number of different pages. 

How can MagicTag help Maximise Revenue with ad Placements?

Maximise Revenue with ad PlacementsMagictag is one such powerful weapon of the magic Shield which offers a powerful way to combat the Click spam and it clearly allows the app owners and the website owners to detect and block the unwanted traffic in the real time. The sources of the click spam can also be identified by this which will ensure the website analytics and reflect genuine user behaviour and improve the overall performance and the User experience of your website. 

MagicShield MagicTag offers a new ad format with the defence system against the invalid visitor and there has been a considerable surge of revenue for about 200 persons and the team of experts helps in identifying the ad placement which is very impressive the ecpm has clearly doubled with this advertising model.

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

Boosting Your Ad Fill Rate: Strategies for Success

An optimal ad fill rate is crucial for maximizing revenue potential in digital advertising. A high ad fill rate clearly gives way to more ad inventory that will be used for increasing revenue for your site. This will help you in understanding how the inventory is being utilized therefore, it acts as a validation for the market demand of the inventory. If there will be a low ad fill rate then it clearly indicates that there is too much ad inventory.

Let us understand what actually is ad filled rate and how does it work?

What is Ad Fill Rate?

The publishers are always looking for the ad impressions at a good price. After all, they are in the market competition to make the best money possible. It is a kind of metric that is used for measuring the ad impressions and pressure percentage on a successful rate that is served to an app for a website. It is the total amount of percentage of the ads that is served to a website or an application out of the total number that is being called out or being requested on a page. 

Let us breakdown the ad feel rate into simple part: 

High Ad Fill Rate: These are that larger percentage of the ads which are requested in the request of ads are fulfilled through the advertisement. 

Low Ad Fill Rate: These are a smaller percentage of the ad requests which are being fulfilled. 

How to Calculate Ad Fill Rate?

How to Calculate Ad Fill RateYou want to calculate the ad fill rate. It is the time to do some calculation:

Suppose that you are a landlord and have 20 spaces in total. 17 tenants are there who have paid you the rent out of 20. Now you need to understand that we are not counting the total but only the number of spaces (ads) that are being given. We will just count the total revenue generated. 

Therefore, you have total management of 17 tenants out of the 20. It is your ad fill rate that amounts to 85%.

How to Improve Ad Fill Rate?

Let’s educate you on improving the ad fill rate. There are many criterias that actually impact the occurrence of ads, the technical errors that may or may not be able to be tamed. 

Improve Website Performance

For the growth of your ad fill rate, you need to work on your website and on the page load time. As you run a website you need to be in the fast pace for being in the competition. In the case of ad impression time is really important as it plays a most determined role for the generation of the revenue. 

The page load time shall also be taken care of. Look up to the operation team and just achieve the favourable load time as soon as possible. 

Understanding the supply cycle and the demand chain really helps you grow. You should be observant enough if you are not able to meet the sufficient demand for filling your ad slot. 

Implement Header Bidding

If you are getting a blank impression and making no money out of your hard work? This is exactly why publishers are giving upon traditional methods and using innovative measures such as publisher waterfall and shifting to the header bidding. 

As the old process does not hold certanity for giving you the great CPM and are less automated you can add on to your own load times. 

Targeted Audience Segmentation


You can also go a step ahead and target the user not only by the impressions but also by the geographical area. If you are having no idea about the analytics followed by Google you should definitely see the help. 

You have to figure out the region or the country that is bringing you the maximum amount of traffic and  such a reason that is likely to generate more traffic. Therefore, you can make more ad calls that will lead to more ad impressions. 

Switch to ad sizes

You need to keep on changing your strategy, switching the ad size will also play a key role. You need to have the flexibility on the different sizes of Ad sizes based on your demand of the ad slot. 

Deal with Ad Block

Ad blockers are definitely horrible as it won’t let you stay among the good practices. Ad blocker is something you cannot control. The ad block will block the ad network instead of the ad call that means your ad request will be made but the blocker will not let it appear on your screen. 

Therefore you need to use the ad block recovery for saving the impression and not letting it disturbed with the user experience. 

Optimize Ad Placement

Optimize Ad PlacementAdvertisers certainly bid on the ad placement which are displayed in a prominent way and helpins in an engaging format. This eventually increases the possibility of the ad being filled. Therefore, it turns out to be important to optimise the placement of the ad for the maximisation of revenue and showcasing the potential of a website. 

Monitor and Optimize Ad Fill

Monitoring is very important for the publisher as because of that they know that whether the monetization of their ad inventory is turning out good or not. Although Optimisation rate in order to maximise the revenue from advertiser should be focused on the high quality demand sources because of which they will be able to deliver high ad fill rate. 

Negotiate Direct Deals

While negotiating a deal the advertiser agrees  to bid on the Inventory of the publisher that is offered using a pre-negotiated or a fixed CPM. Negotiating directly is a type of transaction that is between the advertiser and the publisher without the involvement of an intermediate, therefore it is a one to one advertising agreement between two parties. 


The aim of the publisher is to clearly increase the ad fill rate and having considered the User experience and the placement of the ads in a strategic way, it is very needful to understand how the ad fill works and what does not need to be done before taking any informed decision. 

You need to follow the above mentioned steps as it is already proven and tested by the publisher and it clearly gave a promising result. 

Google Ad Exchange: A Complete Guide for Publishers in 2024

Google Ad Exchange: A Complete Guide for Publishers in 2024

The Google ad exchange is a busy marketplace for the publisher where they get to monetize their website or app. Let us precisely understand how a publisher gets themselves qualified and can setup a Google Adx account and what is the correct way to set it up with a closer outlook making heed on its pros and cons. 

What is Google AdX (Google Ad Exchange)? Learn How They Work

It is a programmatic advertising platform that helps the publisher in selling out the ad inventory. Google Adx let you have a direct link to the advertisers so that it becomes easy for the publisher to sell there and inventory at a good price.

Let’s learn ways to sell out and add inventory with the Google Adx: 

  • Open Auction: In the open auction you get to request the bid for filling up the ad space you want. Any of the advertisers can place the bid of their choice. Eventually whoever advertiser gets the highest number of bids wins and that creative ad get a display on the website
  • Private Auction: in the private option it is you who can invite the advertiser to bid on the Inventory of your Ad. It is you who can select a floor price. 
  • Preferred Deals: It is you who can offer the Inventory of an ad to the chosen advertiser before sending it to any kind of private auction. 

If you are the one who is using Google Adx as a publisher, you will get a nice control on the ads that are displayed on the website. You will also have control over the Inventory of the ad you are selling and many more things like that. It is not only the publisher who get benefit but Google adx also turns out to be beneficial for the advertiser as it lets them have an access to the at space and control over the pay. 

What is an Ad Exchange?

What is an Ad ExchangeIt is a kind of managed marketplace which turns out to be a beneficial platform for the ad networks advertiser agency and the population as it lets them exchange their impressions in real time through private auction, preferred deals and open auction or in any other way. 

In the year 2018 the DFP and Adx got merged, which created a new environment for the publisher in respect of management of their inventory. 

Ad Exchange Examples

Google add exchange or adx will be a good example of an ad exchange. It is a platform which lets the publisher sell their ad and inventory based on an auction system. The advertiser bids on the ad space that is available and the highest bidder ad gets displayed on the website of the publisher or the app. 

Benefits of Google AdX 

There comes a lot of benefits of the Google ad exchange that makes it a little superior as compared to the Google AdSense. 

Higher Revenue Potential

There are two major sources that raises the demand for the Google AdSense which is Google display Network and the other is Google AdWords but when it comes to Google ad exchange it still holds the group among the advertiser and the publisher as it consolidates multiple demand platforms. 

Advance Targeting Option

The Geographic and behavioural targeting is offered by the Google ad exchange and it literally allows the publisher to reach a higher audience that also increases the efficiency of the advertising system. 

More Control OverAd Content

The control over the ad content gets a little higher when it comes to Google ad exchange as the publisher gets control over the display ads of their mobile application and the website. 

Increases Transparency 

Google Adx increases the transparency in the process of advertising and also let you have a good understanding of the inventory of advertising. 

 Am I Eligible to Get Into Google AdX?

Latest check out the Eligibility requirement for the Google Adx. 

A page view of at least 5 million is required by the publisher for getting access to the Google adx. After getting the above criteria fulfilled the publisher can:

  • Negotiate and plan the direct deals at one place. 
  • They can also set the floor price for a better return. 
  • Get themselves connected with a large group of global demand that features the best advertiser and the brand. 
  • Sticky ads and auto refresh can also be implemented. 
  • Blocking, filtering and revenue reporting tools will have better access. 

How to Sign Up for a Google AdX Account through third party ? Learn How They Work

In case you want to run Google adx with the third party you have to pay them up price to get yourself access with it. The charges of the party resellers varies between 15 to 20% of the revenue generated from the ads every month. In case if you are making $ 20000 from adx the partner will be charged $1000 as fees. 

Latest understand the working pattern of Google adx: 

Publishers Integration: for serving up the ad setup, it is necessary for the publisher to integrate with the Google ad exchange. This process is done through a code snippet and the tag of the website or application. The publisher also get the access for conducting the real time auction for the Impressions of the ad. 

Ad inventory auction: when the user visits the profile of a publisher the space of ad that is available gets option in a real time through the ad exchange. 

Real Time Bidding: The real time bidding is used to enhance the process of auction. The advertiser here submit the bid of the real time for the Impressions of the ad for getting the highest bidder  winning opportunity for displaying their ads. 

Optimization and Decisioning: it is necessary to have an algorithm for the optimization which helps you make a decision for the real time bidding. 

Ad rendering and display: as you select the winning ad it renders the display of the user within the publisher’s app or the website. The adx also ensures a seamless integration and the delivery of the ads.

Reporting and Insight: if you are looking for a comprehensive reporting solution Google adx is the one stop destination as it provides many analytic tools that keep track of your click, revenue, Impressions, ecpm and other important things. It also helps you evaluate the performance of the ads and optimise your ad inventory. 

How to Link Your Google Ad Exchange Account to Ad Manager?

How to Link Your Google Ad Exchange Account to Ad ManagerIn order to link your Google add exchange account to the Google ad manager you need to follow The below steps: 

  • You need to access the Google ad manager account and then login. 
  • Navigate to the admin settings once you are logged in, click on the admin tab that is present on the upper right corner of the interface. 
  • You may select on to the Global setting section from the admin panel where you will find linked accounts. 
  • In the link account section you will get to see the option of Link your ad exchange account. 
  • From there you will enter your ad exchange account Id and select the account you want to link. Therefore, click on the link account button to initiate the same. 

How Do You Increase Your Google Ad Exchange Revenue?

There has been a considerable amount of revenue potential when it comes to Google ad exchange as it totally depends on the potential and the amount of goal the publisher want to achieve. When it comes to the publisher who have a large pool with a premium amount of inventory and a good traffic quality they get benefit directly from the ad exchange where the smaller publisher who are seeking simplicity will not find ad exchange as a suitable option for generating revenue rather they can switch to the adsense. 

The publisher has to get a proper evaluation of the website and the consideration of factors such as the quality of the content and the size of the audience. 

Google Ad Exchange CPM

The CPM in the Google ad exchange clearly refers to the price which the advertisers are willing to pay for every thousand impressions that are served on the website of a publisher or through any app through the ad exchange program. 


If you are a publisher and looking for the monetization of your website you can surely take help of a Google ad exchange that helps you gain control over your own setup and gives you the desired number of increase in terms of revenue. Magicbid turns out to be a forceful service approach that helps you with the ad monetization process which includes the access to the Google adx with all the dedicated and management support. 

What is Bot Traffic? How to Detect and Prevent?

 What is Bot Traffic? How to Detect and Prevent?

Do you know! what is bot traffic? It is a non- human generated traffic that are specifically sent by the robots to the apps and the website. These kinds of traffic are programmed to perform various kinds of tasks like monitoring the website performance, introducing web pages on the search engine or be it the engagement in the other malicious activity. Talking about the latest statistics the overall growth of traffic as compared to 2018 is 24% and there are several tips to detect and prevent it. 

For the bot traffic detection there are various tools that might mitigate such as behavioural analysis, traffic analysis tools, rate limiting, bot detection services, captcha and other bot Management Solutions. Magic bid helps in the detection of bot networks that generate click impressions from non-human sources. 

What is Bot Traffic?

It is a non-human traffic that is generated by the robots to the app and websites. This kind of traffic usually come up with a negative association. 

The Good Bot Traffic:

  • The good bot scans the content of your website. It is usually the webcrawler which is also known as the Google bot. 
  • The search engine bot allows the indexing of the content on your website. 

The Bad Bot Traffic:

  • These kinds of bots are provided when spammy content pops up using some malicious link. 
  • These affect the site and make it accessible to the user. 
  • These are the click bots that takes the click on the ads. 

How to Detect Bot Traffic

How to Detect Bot TrafficBy the help of Google Analytics or any other analytics tool you can clearly analyse the traffic coming to your website and If in case the site is experiencing a bot traffic the report will clearly show about it. 

The Easiest Way: How to Filter and detect Bot Traffic on Google Analytics

It is very crucial to filter the bot traffic as it helps to improve the accuracy of the website and also enhances the automated visit. Let us look at the setup data that shows how to identify and filter bot traffic on Google Analytics: 

  1. Log In to your Google Analytics account
  2. Select the section ‘Acquisition’ then go to ‘All traffic’ and then choose channels. 
  3. Filter out the traffic then. Scroll it down and look for the channels from where the traffic either direct,  referral or organic comes from. 
  4. If there is an unexpected increase in traffic you can surely get a look of it. 
  5. Click on every channel and see the URL source from where the traffic is coming from. 

Therefore, this traffic can be one of the many ways to understand if your site is actually affected by the bot and if yes from what source these traffic are coming. 

How to Remove Bot Traffic from Google Analytics?

It sounds crucial to remove bot traffic from your website but you shouldn’t think that removing bot traffic will shift you in a safe zone from the effect of any kind of invalid traffic. Let us learn the removal of bot traffic from Google Analytics, first login to the Google Analytics account, and from the admin section click on view settings. The magic shield by magic tag comes as a powerful solution for the app owner to easily detect and block unwanted traffic. 

Find out the boat filtering and then tick it. By pressing save you will be able to keep the boat traffic out of your Google analytic report. 

3 Tips to Avoid Bot Traffic

  • Use reCaptcha: This function acts as a Firewall for the protection of your bot attack. It is an advanced technology that filters the bot traffic like any other. 
  • robots.txt file: This helps in blocking the traffic related to bot as it crawls through the site. The overloading of traffic can be avoided through this as it clearly segregates between the good bots, spam ones and the search engine bot. 
  • Use Bot Mitigation: This bot mitigation solution is used by many companies. It is a machine learning process spread across the internet that understands the traffic source and differentiate between the several bots. 


In case if your site experiences an anomalous bot traffic, make sure that you have done the job of investigating and understanding what bot traffic actually looks like and from where the source is. The fraudulent activity can also be avoided and also make sure that it should not be performed in future. MagicShield not only investigates the ad fraud it also detects the source of the traffic but also enables a strong supply chain protecting it from the bot and the low quality traffic.

What is Hybrid Monetization – MagicBid.Ai

What is Hybrid Monetization – MagicBid.Ai

What is hybrid monetization? Lets land up on its whole model. It refers to the business strategy or model which combines multiple methods that generate revenue. This monetization method comes as a mixture of different approaches together. This model of monetization uses the combination of in- app purchases and In-app ads that blend together to maximize revenue at large. The clear goal of the developer is to enrich the lifetime value by using any number of those combinations together. 

The hybrid monetization model comes as a strategic move that improves the user to enhance the app base. It also helps to enlarge the lifetime value overall. This model helps in the ad integration to maximize the revenue which is further made easy by the Magicbid SDK. 

Where did Hybrid Monetization come from? 

Earlier there were not so many ways through which money could be made from the applications as there were only unlimited sources. Users then had two options: either they could make an in-app purchase or they may pay to download. Developers used to make their profit from the impression and the banner ad which turned out to be a solid way to generate revenue. 

There were also many loops in this as many of them were not spending money on In app purchase, for a month. Therefore, the developers need to think about the other streams to generate revenue. 

The market starts to become more competitive and so are the developers. Hence, thinking of new ways turned out to be really necessary. A monetization strategy was much needed as it helps to improve the experience of how ads were interwoven and thereafter came the hybrid monetization model. 

Hybrid Monetization for Mobile Gaming Apps

Hybrid monetization for mobile gaming appsIn the hybrid monetization model the gaming app has to add a combination of strategy together in order to generate revenue and enlarge the profit percent. The in-app purchase, Advertising, Subscription, DLC and expansion packs, sponsorship and partnership, rewards and offer helps in diversification of revenue stream and cater different players for the overall profitability. 

In casual games the ads are the only thing around which the monetization revolves. Therefore, you need to hold the benefit and skill level which is usually simple and make the game accessible to the large number of audience. 

What are Rewarded Video Ads? 

The rewarded video ads are used typically in the games and in mobile applications where users get the option to watch an advertisement on a voluntary basis in exchange of some benefit or in app reward.

There are several benefits of rewarded video ads that lead to success. These kinds of ads create a value in exchange from all the advertisers for getting the content and building a positive association with the ads. The developers can also make use of these kinds of apps to provide a high quality user experience. 

Designing the Ad into the App

It is very important to give a user-friendly and seamless experience to the user. Sometimes the ads get designed in the actual application. The extra life could also be given to the player for watching a quick app or there could be a special weapon to reach on to the next level, for instance. 

Hence, Designing the ad into the app could be a better option for high quality in game monetization that could attract the user. 

In-App Bidding and What it Means for Developers

In-app bidding and what it means for developersWith the help of In-app bidding, the developers are able to sell the ad inventory in auction. This kind of bidding refers to the optimization and selling of the ad inventory. Talking about the traditional way the developer could integrate different kinds of ad networks into their app and manage it individually that could be time consuming and inefficient too. 

In contrast with the in-app bidding, the developers could run simultaneous auctions and maximise their revenue as it comes as an automated process. This kind of bidding also helps in creating a good network of ecosystems that not only allows developers to make use of the opportunity but also helps in the increase of ad impression that eventually leads to the growth of your business. 

The in app bidding also saves the time to manage the data giving a high CPM that increases revenue for the publisher. 

Other Ads that Helps you Monetize: Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads

The Hybrid Monetization model comes from a traditional way therefore, it also supports different kinds of ads. 

Passive Ad Experiences

In this kind of ad experience you don’t need to have an acting engagement and it also requires a minimum physical space from the audience. You can seamlessly integrate the user environment without interrupting their service. Native advertising, static display, product placement, background ad and sponsored ads are some of the example of passive ad experience. 

This kind of ad clearly captivate the audience attention without disrupting the current activity maintaining a positive and user friendly experience. Banner ads were prevalent at times and appeared on the top and bottom of the screen in the form of text, video or image. They are also a kind of passive ad experience that drives a high volume of traffic. 

Interstitial ads on the other hand are a full screen overlay which turn out to be engaging as compared to the banner ad. They do not generate impressions as compared with the banner ads but have a high CPM rate. 

Hybrid monetization will continue to evolve with the evolving change in the Dynamics the mobile ad industry, will also have a change in hybrid and so will the monetization strategies.

The app and the developer will turn the hybrid model and maximise the revenue using a combination of strategies. 


The Hybrid Monetization Model can go on any of the platforms. it can be posted on Android, iOS Or any other existing platform. Hence, the MagicBid SDK also has the capability to monetize the hybrid apps which are developed on other technology other than the native technology. This involves a combination of Technical integration strategic decisions that makes the ongoing monitoring to ensure that it is maximizing your advertising revenue while giving a positive user experience. 

Click Injection: How to Prevent Them With Magic Shield

Click Injection: How to Prevent Them with Magic Shield

As a digital advertiser or publisher, dealing with fraudulent practices affecting your ad campaigns can be frustrating. Imagine putting time, money, and creativity into creating appealing ads only to find out that the clicks on your campaigns are fake, leading to payments for illegitimate activities. Click injection, a deceitful technique in the digital advertising world, contributes to 30% of total ad fraud in the programmatic ecosystem according to a 2018 study. In this blog, we will explore click injection, how it works, its consequences, and most importantly, how you can safeguard your campaigns from this insidious form of ad fraud.

What is Click Injection?

Click injection involves manipulating mobile apps to generate fake ad clicks. Fraudsters exploit vulnerabilities in app-to-app communication channels to “inject” clicks into the attribution process, often at the expense of unsuspecting users. The goal is to benefit from the last click attribution in CPI campaigns, earning from an installation illegitimately.

Click Injection Process

Click Injection Process

  • User Action Triggers the Injection: Legitimate user actions, such as installing a new app, reaching a game level, or making an in-app purchase, signal an opportunity for click injection.
  • Malicious App Detects the Opportunity: A pre-installed or unknowingly downloaded malicious app monitors the user’s activities, waiting for the right moment.
  • Injection of Fake Clicks: The malicious app sends fraudulent click data to the ad network, making it appear as if the user clicked on an ad without their knowledge.
  • Attribution and Payment: The ad network attributes the click to the fraudster, who receives payment for the fake click, while the genuine user remains unaware.

Consequences of Click Injections

  • Wasted ad Budgets: Advertisers pay for clicks that are never engaged with their ads, leading to inefficient resource allocation and diminished returns.
  • Inflated Metrics: Key performance indicators (KPIs) like click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates become distorted, misleading advertisers about campaign effectiveness.
  • User Experience Degradation: Malicious apps compromise device performance, drain battery life, and compromise user privacy, tarnishing a brand’s reputation.
  • Advertiser Skepticism: Repeated exposure to click injection breeds skepticism, making advertisers wary of digital advertising channels, harming the ecosystem.

Avoiding Click Injections

  • Implement Fraud Detection Tools: Use advanced fraud detection tools from reputable ad fraud management solutions like MagicShield, employing machine learning algorithms to filter out fraudulent clicks in real time.
  • Monitor Attribution Data: Regularly check attribution data for suspicious patterns or discrepancies. Analyze click-to-install time ratios and investigate any unusual activity indicating click injection.
  • Employ Multi-Layered Defenses: Combine device-level protections with server-side fraud detection to create a robust defense against click injection.
  • Build Trusted Partnerships: Collaborate with reliable ad networks and publishers prioritizing ad quality over quantity, actively combating ad fraud for a secure advertising environment.
  • Stay Informed and Adapt: Keep up with the latest ad fraud trends, educate yourself and your team, and adapt strategies to effectively mitigate emerging threats.

By taking the proactive measures, you can safeguard your digital ad campaigns against click injection attacks and ensure a more secure and effective advertising environment.


Click injection is a serious concern as it comes as an ad fraud which usually occurs in the context of the ad fraud which rises in the context of installation of the app on device. It ruins the mechanism of the attribution that is used by the ad network for tracking the specific indication of the ad. For combatting the click injection there are various click injection techniques but Magic Shield turns out to be the best as it investigates the kind of ad fraud instantly that protects ad spamming which gets displayed from the suspicious source validating the traffic. 

The Importance of Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers

The Importance of Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers

In today’s digital world it is very important to attract and grab the audience’s attention more effectively and what’s better than innovative ad formats. MagicBid offers new and innovative ad formats for publishers like sticky footer, interscroller, mini scrollers, and video ads. These not only enhance the user engagement but also increase the ad revenue that builds a brand reputation differentiating your landscape in the market bringing out many impactful advertising opportunities. The innovative ad formats for publishers play a crucial role and help the publisher to captivate the audience’s attention, building a strong relationship with the advertiser which contributes to long term success and sustainability. 

What are the Innovative Ad Formats?

Innovations at format are the high impact that help out the publisher in creating a strategy that drives performance across all the devices. This kind of ad format is specifically designed for the high view ability that delivers a positive user experience. These kinds of ad formats help the publisher in boosting the engagement for the advertiser and the marketer and to generate a good amount of revenue. 

Different Ad Formats

Different ad formatsIn-view Ads: They are the online advertisements which are viewable as they are displayed within the users visible browser window. These ads are placed between the text or media within the main content on the website

In-Image Ads: in image ads are a type of online advertisement that appear within the image on the web page. These enable the publisher to create an additional channel for the ad revenue. 

Sticky Ads: these ads are kind of a header on the banner which stick to a fixed position on the screen. 

Docked Ads: they are a kind of online ad format which are fixed on a specific location typically on the edges or the corner. 

How is Innovation Taking Place in Different Ad Formats?

Innovation in advertising is continuously evolving across various ad formats that are basically driven by the advancement in the changing technology. The latest formats are innovatively built that help you go beyond and above. The innovation in the ad formats is strategized to create engaging and personalized experiences for the user that deliver better results for the advertiser. As technology gets to see the advancement and consumer preference involvement, innovation is something that needs to be done. 

Let us look at the innovation that impacts the ad formats. 

Flexi Slots: The humble ad unit, in with the powerful ad zone. 

Inter Scroller: This inter-scroller blends the power and impacts the interstitial ads with the scroll interaction. 

Mini Scroller: This helps in the viewability out of a horizontal unit. 

Pimp Your Video Player: This is the customizable and the interactive video player. 

Sticky Footer Scrollbar: Get more size and value out of your sticky footer. 

New Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers


New Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers There are many kinds of innovative ad formats that have emerged for the publisher that engage the audience effectively and drive the advertising revenue. The main Challenges that a publisher faces is the bad ad layout, low click through rate and the banner blindness. Therefore to beat the same the may publisher need to have a cohesive placement strategy that will take into the consideration of the ad performance, traffic source and the user reading pattern. Due to certain factors like the banner blindness and the ad blocking the CTR might face a decline and to combat the same their need to have a multiple tracking heat map experiment which is related to the goal. 

MagicBid offers new and innovative ad formats for publishers like sticky footer, inter-scroller, mini scrollers, and video ads. Apart from them it helps to fight the industry standard, ad placement of the low viewability, bad User experience and ultimately leads to a revenue loss. 


To exist in the competition in the ad format competition it is essential to have an innovative and sustainable provider that maximizes the potential of revenue and delivers the compelling advertising experience that reflects the user processing. Therefore, you need to have such an ad format provider like magic bid that offers innovative ad format as per the requirement in various forms. It helps in capturing the audience’s attention which enhances user experience and increases ad revenue.