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Google Ad Exchange: A Complete Guide for Publishers in 2024

The Google ad exchange is a busy marketplace for the publisher where they get to monetize their website or app. Let us precisely understand how a publisher gets themselves qualified and can setup a Google Adx account and what is the correct way to set it up with a closer outlook making heed on its pros and cons. 

What is Google AdX (Google Ad Exchange)? Learn How They Work

It is a programmatic advertising platform that helps the publisher in selling out the ad inventory. Google Adx let you have a direct link to the advertisers so that it becomes easy for the publisher to sell there and inventory at a good price.

Let’s learn ways to sell out and add inventory with the Google Adx: 

  • Open Auction: In the open auction you get to request the bid for filling up the ad space you want. Any of the advertisers can place the bid of their choice. Eventually whoever advertiser gets the highest number of bids wins and that creative ad get a display on the website
  • Private Auction: in the private option it is you who can invite the advertiser to bid on the Inventory of your Ad. It is you who can select a floor price. 
  • Preferred Deals: It is you who can offer the Inventory of an ad to the chosen advertiser before sending it to any kind of private auction. 

If you are the one who is using Google Adx as a publisher, you will get a nice control on the ads that are displayed on the website. You will also have control over the Inventory of the ad you are selling and many more things like that. It is not only the publisher who get benefit but Google adx also turns out to be beneficial for the advertiser as it lets them have an access to the at space and control over the pay. 

What is an Ad Exchange?

What is an Ad ExchangeIt is a kind of managed marketplace which turns out to be a beneficial platform for the ad networks advertiser agency and the population as it lets them exchange their impressions in real time through private auction, preferred deals and open auction or in any other way. 

In the year 2018 the DFP and Adx got merged, which created a new environment for the publisher in respect of management of their inventory. 

Ad Exchange Examples

Google add exchange or adx will be a good example of an ad exchange. It is a platform which lets the publisher sell their ad and inventory based on an auction system. The advertiser bids on the ad space that is available and the highest bidder ad gets displayed on the website of the publisher or the app. 

Benefits of Google AdX 

There comes a lot of benefits of the Google ad exchange that makes it a little superior as compared to the Google AdSense. 

Higher Revenue Potential

There are two major sources that raises the demand for the Google AdSense which is Google display Network and the other is Google AdWords but when it comes to Google ad exchange it still holds the group among the advertiser and the publisher as it consolidates multiple demand platforms. 

Advance Targeting Option

The Geographic and behavioural targeting is offered by the Google ad exchange and it literally allows the publisher to reach a higher audience that also increases the efficiency of the advertising system. 

More Control OverAd Content

The control over the ad content gets a little higher when it comes to Google ad exchange as the publisher gets control over the display ads of their mobile application and the website. 

Increases Transparency 

Google Adx increases the transparency in the process of advertising and also let you have a good understanding of the inventory of advertising. 

 Am I Eligible to Get Into Google AdX?

Latest check out the Eligibility requirement for the Google Adx. 

A page view of at least 5 million is required by the publisher for getting access to the Google adx. After getting the above criteria fulfilled the publisher can:

  • Negotiate and plan the direct deals at one place. 
  • They can also set the floor price for a better return. 
  • Get themselves connected with a large group of global demand that features the best advertiser and the brand. 
  • Sticky ads and auto refresh can also be implemented. 
  • Blocking, filtering and revenue reporting tools will have better access. 

How to Sign Up for a Google AdX Account through third party ? Learn How They Work

In case you want to run Google adx with the third party you have to pay them up price to get yourself access with it. The charges of the party resellers varies between 15 to 20% of the revenue generated from the ads every month. In case if you are making $ 20000 from adx the partner will be charged $1000 as fees. 

Latest understand the working pattern of Google adx: 

Publishers Integration: for serving up the ad setup, it is necessary for the publisher to integrate with the Google ad exchange. This process is done through a code snippet and the tag of the website or application. The publisher also get the access for conducting the real time auction for the Impressions of the ad. 

Ad inventory auction: when the user visits the profile of a publisher the space of ad that is available gets option in a real time through the ad exchange. 

Real Time Bidding: The real time bidding is used to enhance the process of auction. The advertiser here submit the bid of the real time for the Impressions of the ad for getting the highest bidder  winning opportunity for displaying their ads. 

Optimization and Decisioning: it is necessary to have an algorithm for the optimization which helps you make a decision for the real time bidding. 

Ad rendering and display: as you select the winning ad it renders the display of the user within the publisher’s app or the website. The adx also ensures a seamless integration and the delivery of the ads.

Reporting and Insight: if you are looking for a comprehensive reporting solution Google adx is the one stop destination as it provides many analytic tools that keep track of your click, revenue, Impressions, ecpm and other important things. It also helps you evaluate the performance of the ads and optimise your ad inventory. 

How to Link Your Google Ad Exchange Account to Ad Manager?

How to Link Your Google Ad Exchange Account to Ad ManagerIn order to link your Google add exchange account to the Google ad manager you need to follow The below steps: 

  • You need to access the Google ad manager account and then login. 
  • Navigate to the admin settings once you are logged in, click on the admin tab that is present on the upper right corner of the interface. 
  • You may select on to the Global setting section from the admin panel where you will find linked accounts. 
  • In the link account section you will get to see the option of Link your ad exchange account. 
  • From there you will enter your ad exchange account Id and select the account you want to link. Therefore, click on the link account button to initiate the same. 

How Do You Increase Your Google Ad Exchange Revenue?

There has been a considerable amount of revenue potential when it comes to Google ad exchange as it totally depends on the potential and the amount of goal the publisher want to achieve. When it comes to the publisher who have a large pool with a premium amount of inventory and a good traffic quality they get benefit directly from the ad exchange where the smaller publisher who are seeking simplicity will not find ad exchange as a suitable option for generating revenue rather they can switch to the adsense. 

The publisher has to get a proper evaluation of the website and the consideration of factors such as the quality of the content and the size of the audience. 

Google Ad Exchange CPM

The CPM in the Google ad exchange clearly refers to the price which the advertisers are willing to pay for every thousand impressions that are served on the website of a publisher or through any app through the ad exchange program. 


If you are a publisher and looking for the monetization of your website you can surely take help of a Google ad exchange that helps you gain control over your own setup and gives you the desired number of increase in terms of revenue. Magicbid turns out to be a forceful service approach that helps you with the ad monetization process which includes the access to the Google adx with all the dedicated and management support.