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Google AdX vs Google AdSense 2024: Which is Better For You?

Want to know about the Google Adx vs Google Ad sense? You have landed on the right page. They are digital advertising programs but serve different purposes. Publishers use both of the platforms for the monetization of the website. Let us understand both of them with a closer look. Google AdX and Google AdSense depend on factors such as website traffic volume, publisher size, and desired level of control and customization. AdX is ideal for large publishers seeking premium ad inventory and higher revenue potential, while AdSense is suitable for smaller publishers looking for efficiency and accessibility. 

What is Google AdX?

The origin of the Google adx began from the double click ad exchange which was founded in the year 1996. It was an ad server which was later acquired by Google in 2008.

The publishers are able to sell the inventory of their ads to the advertisers and other agencies in a real time bidding setup. The ad exchange enables an open marketplace where the prices are dealt in a real time auction. The ad exchange also enabled the display at the ad spaces to be allocated in a much efficient way which could easily cross the web. 

The seller can make the money with their ad space and give access to the advertiser, whereas they still control and can advertise on their site. The buyers still get the access to more ad space and the websites for having the control over where the ads need to run. 

This platform also monetizes the ad inventory and gets to serve the mobile developers and the website owners. 

How Does Google AdX Work?

How Does Google AdX WorkThe Google ad exchange works to establish an open  market whereas the buyer places the real time bids on the ad inventory that is available. There are the three kinds of auction that is available on the Google Adx: 

Open auction: Publishers are supposedly nameless and the auction is open to all the advertisers and the publishers. It is the default auction type. 

Private Auction: The private auctions are where the publishers and the advertisers offer the ad placement on their site. The publishers are not nameless in a private auction. The publisher brand and the profile has a deep impact on how good an auction can be performed that is private. 

Preferred Deal: The publisher deal directly with the advertiser and offer them an exclusive access to the selected inventory prior it gets private. Management and the optimisation of a Google Adx account is demanding and craves for an agency or rather a dedicated resource. 

What is Google AdSense?

It is a platform which displays the content based on the advertisements on the partner site. This allows the publisher to earn profit for every ad click. 

The AdSense matches the ad to the site based on the content of the publisher’s visitor and the content. Advertisers then bid for the placement of their ads just the same as the Google Ads. In fact, the ads on the Ad sense comes from the Google Ads, the display on the Google Display Network and the Google products. 

What is exactly the difference? Which is the platform that is most suitable for you? 

How Does Google AdSense Work?

The Ad sense emerges as a free service and it clearly manages all the steps and the process once the tags are set. It gives a way for everyone to sign up. In contrast the entry barrier is kept low. 

Of course, The Google Ad sense enunciates the result and requires a lot of effort by the marketing resource and the consultant. If you want to get started with the Ad sense, it is actually very easy. For this very reason the popularity has grown high with a larger adoption rate in between the advertisers and the publisher. 

The ads get generated from the Google Ads platforms, where the advertisers set up a campaign with the ads and then bid on the keyword on the ad placement. All of it makes it very easy for the advertisers for the access of the placement on the Ad sense network. 

Google AdX vs Google AdSense: What Are the Key Differences?

Google AdX vs Google AdSense What Are the Key DifferencesAdx is a type of ad exchange which brings together the seller and the buyer of the ad inventory in the real time process of bidding. The Ad sense then comes as an ad network which simply matches the content of the publisher with the related ads. The two products serve fundamentally the purpose of different varieties of the clients. This kind gets a detailed comparison for the ad network vs ad exchange. 

Let us summarises the key differences: 

1. Functionality

Google Adx is a type of Ad exchange that lets the publisher sell the Inventory of their ad to the advertisers and the ad networks. Additionally, it also gives the publisher access to a larger pool of advertisers and adds a network that eventually results in higher revenue. 

On the other side Google AdSense, emerges as an ad network which allows publishers for the placement of their ads on the website and on revenue through it when the user Clicks on that particular ad. 

2. Control:

This Adx provides the publisher with a control over the ad inventory. It also let’s the publisher to set any kind of rule they want for the type of Ads that is going to appear on the website. It supports the real time bidding which eventually helps in the maximization of revenue by selling the inventory of their ad to the highest bidder. 

With the help of Google ad sense the publisher may choose the format  of the ads. They get a less control over the content that appears on the website.

3. Revenue

The Google Adx helps in the generation of a higher amount of revenue compared to the adsense. The Adx allows access to a larger pool of the ad networks and the publishers that results in the higher revenue and higher bids. 

On the other hand, the ad sense clearly depends on the volume of traffic and number of clicks on the ad. 

4. Publisher Eligibility

The adsense is basically open to all the publishers no matter what their size of the website is and the amount of traffic they are receiving. Both of the large publishers are able to earn money with the Google AdSense by signing up and getting themselves approved. 

Google Adx on the other side is available to the large publisher who meet the eligibility criteria and want Adx. 

5. Ad Quality

The Adx and the Adsense offer a quality at which allows the advertisers who are certified to ensure that the ads which are delivered are of high quality and relevant. 

What is Google Ad Manager?

 It is a flagship ad server product that enables the publisher to hold the ad exchange and the adsense at once, aligning with the other third party apps. Google rebranded its publisher-facing product and the advertising product including the double click, AdWords, Ad exchange and other marketing tools by the end of the year 2018. The Ad sense remains as a separate product whereas Google combines both the admanager which is Google’s popular ad server and the industrial leading ad exchange. 

The Ad exchange is needed by the Publisher for the sign up. The publisher needs to be invited or signed by Google through any third party partner and during that process Google has to limit the access for the premium ad exchange for the larger publisher and the partner. 

How Authorized Buyers Work With Google Ad Manager

How Authorized Buyers Work With Google Ad ManagerThe authorised buyer program of Google enables many websites and the applications from all over the world to make their ad inventory available to the buyer. The authorised buyers get access to the Google partner inventory that allows them to curate both on who they work with and how they work with. 

The most common buyers includes: 

Ad network: the company clearly serve to be a broker between the advertiser and the publisher

Trading Desk: The divisions execute exchange buys for all the company agencies. 

Demand Side Platform: the platform make buying easier. 

How to Get Started With AdX

 If you want to sell your ad inventory then using Adx is a good option. Though, it can be a bit tricky to set up but since it is reserved for the large publisher the Google representative can manually approve the application. 

If you get this ad exchange you can access an advanced functionality of the ecosystem and can set up the floor price as per the unit and the wide range of buyers. 

If you are a large publisher then you can have your own account manager which is dedicated in the Google adx. Further the negotiation of the ad revenue share can also be done. This can also alter and create an impact on the bottom line due to the high traffic site volume that is coming. 

You can start this by signing with the Google ad manager where you will get access to the double click for the publisher which is an ad server by the Google account manager and the Google will tell your eligibility for Adx account or not. 

How to Get Started With Google AdSense

To get yourself started with the Google AdSense you need to insert an ad sense ad on the website and thereafter, which needs to be signed up using your Google account. 

You may also need to submit the physical address as Google sends a personal identification number by post to this address for the verification which usually takes almost 4 weeks. 

 As you get it approved by your address you are good to proceed. The ad tags need to be copied and provided by the adsense and this needs to be inserted on the website thereafter, where you can place your ad. 

Google AdX vs AdSense Revenue: Which Generates Greater Returns?

There are many factors that affect the digital advertising revenue category. It turns out to be difficult but there are two platforms that target different segments. 

Google Ad sense, It is basically for the small to mid size publisher which has a strict defined share of revenue. Almost 68% of it goes to publishers whereas 32% is with Google. Google Adx on the other side are specifically for the Agencies and large publishers they generate the revenue and it depends on the greater extension of whether Publication has a large source of resource and expert is in place to manage and optimize their ad operation effectively through Google ad exchange. 

AdX or AdSense: Which Should I Choose?

Ek clearly depends on the size of the audience and the business that you are going to choose a ADX or the adsense. The Ad sense and can be obtained if it is meeting the minimum criteria you can also work with the adh rather it is the Google who selects who it wants to work with. 

The Adx has the potential to generate revenue for the publisher which requires your attention and the resource is always the third party which manages its ad ops for them. 

Since the publisher used to have a large audience, they get exposed to the premium advertisers who could spend a wide budget on trafficked sites. If you have a good knowledge in tech and the ad industry the adx is going to be the right choice.


If you are a publisher looking for a way to generate revenue, Both of the adsense and Adx help the publisher to display their ad through various channels. You can consider MagicBid, its revenue, and the Optimisation solution performance as it helps the publisher to realize their efficiency and increase their revenue with a maximum earning potential.