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How Many Ads Should I Put on My Website? – Explained

A common misinterpretation that lies for the ad placement among publishers is how many ads should I put on my website? As the number of ad placements will never decide the amount of revenue you generate, there are some key considerations that you need to keep in mind to balance the same. Bringing on too many ads will directly lead to a poor user experience and the visitors are more likely to leave your site. More ads can slow down the loading time of your website as well and it clearly leads to abandoning a site that takes too long to load . It will negatively impact or Bounce rate and search engine rankings. Join our magicbid community to have all the latest updates regarding ads. 

In the below article you will be guided about the balanced ratio for the ad on a website and what will happen if you crowd your website with so many ads. Let us get into the details. 

Why Not Overcrowd Your Site with Too Many Ads?

Why Not Overcrowd Your Site with Too Many AdsThough there is no limit on how many ads can I put on my website, there is always a strong recommendation from the side of Google that the placement of ads should not surpass the content. Posting excessive ads distracts the user interface. Therefore the user may find it difficult to focus on the content and it clearly leads to a negative User experience. So many ads significantly increase your page load timing and can cause a slower speed that can frustrate the user to be on your site. 

Drawbacks of Overcrowding Your Website with Ads

  • Lower Rankings on Search Engines and Bad UX: the ranking factor gets affected and that will cause a high Bounce rate and slow loading times.
  • Low CPMs and CTRs: whichever ad space is free is filled with ad therefore it is more likely that users can click just because there is too much going on the site including the content as well. The site can turn unwanted which can cause low engagement and CTR. When the ad gets overloaded the ad inventory eventually decreases and becomes less valuable and it no longer remains attractive for the advertisers. 
  • Less Ad Revenue: users who find the site loaded with excessive ads may Resort to ad blocker. This will reduce the ad revenue and delay the ability to monetize the content.
  • Increased Bounce Rate: if the site or page will include so many ads and does not lead to what you are searching for. User will get out of the page that will increase the Pounds rate of the side giving a negative impact.

What is a Good Ratio Between Content and Ads?

What is a good ratio between content and adsA healthy ratio should be maintained between the content and add to achieve UX as it maintains a better ad inventory value of Ads and the content. You can aim for a balanced and untitled layout to the majority of the space on the website. Shall proceed in dedication to the high quality content that will provide value to visitors. 

Rule of third should be followed that allocates 1/3 of your page to ads and two third to content. This will provide a good balance and allow you to monetize your site without overwhelming visitors with advertisements. If the pages are in the long form with a substantial amount of content you might be able to incorporate more space ; shorter pages on other hand can benefit from fever ads to avoid the clutter. 

The only thing that needs to be taken care of for a good ratio between content and ad is that it should maximum while maintaining a positive User experience, gather user feedback, adjust your ad strategy and analytics. 

How Many Ads Can I Put on My Website?

How Many Ads Can I Put on My WebsiteThe number of ads you put on your side depends on various factors and there is not a standard size that fits all. Therefore it is very important to strike a balance between monetization and a positive User experience. Every website comes with its own uniqueness hence, a trustworthy monetization partner helps you in choosing the suited site for you. Magicbid can prove to be one of the most trustworthy in this. 

How many ads should I put on my website depends on your sites:

  • Layout
  • Length of Content
  • User behaviour in terms of page views, session duration (all this data is accessible in your website analytics reports like Google Analytics)
  • Anchor ad for desktop and mobile
  • Interstitial ad – 300×600, 336×280, 300×250 (mobile and desktop)
  • Sticky sidebar ad for desktop if necessary- 300×600, 160×600, 1200×600

Should I Display Ads on Each Page on My Site?

Display AdvertisingThere is no limitation on how many ads can I put on my website, you can display the number of ads on your site as long as you are able to engage the viewers with your exclusive content. As per the expert opinion the publisher should work on keeping a balance between the content and in screen ad. Excessive ads can also slow down the loading timing of the website that can also have a negative impact on the user along with the search engine rankings. 


Make sure that the display ads are relevant for the target audience as the poorly targeted arts can frustrate the users. You should also consider that the ad placement shall not be a kind of interference with the main content. 

While displaying ads on each page contributes to revenue generation, it is important to have a priority user experience and relevance. Finding the right balance and considering the factors will surely help you make an informed decision. 

The ads need not be displayed in the about us and contact section as these pages need to be less informative and very brief about the information. Hence, it will clearly distract your user. 


How many ads should I put on my website is often a point of debate. It is a very soft balance though and there is not a fixed number of ads that applies universally. It is often preferable to get started with a moderate number and increase it on a gradual basis that can be based on the performance metrics or user feedback. There is hardly any guarantee that eventually will generate revenue if the ad will be displayed on your site, however if the content is engaging it will eventually work. Did you know! Banner ads? Magicbid perfectly leads you to get sorted of all your queries regarding the same through the updates.