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How to Choose a Google Adx Partners: Did You Know?

Did You Know? Google Adx partners are not easy to choose as you need to pay heed to every consideration that ensures reputable and effective partners who work to maximize your ad revenue. Before choosing any Google Adx partner you need to define the goal and evaluate the reputation of the partner that you are choosing. Thereafter, review its target capability and seek the transparency that it offers. 

What is a Google AdX Partner?

Google ADX partner acts as a Google Adx reseller which is a third party and helps you access the Google ad exchange as a premium advertising marketplace with the high CPM deals. It also helps to increase the revenue of the website and improve the quality of the ad. When it comes to Google ad exchange partners, Google MCM is the best program as it connects the Google ad exchange to the website. MagicBid is a Google ad exchange reseller that helps you connect your website to the Google Adx. 

What is a Google Certified Channel Partners?

Google Certified Channel Partner
Google certified channel partner is awarded only by Google to the ad tech companies who achieves a proficiency in deployment of the Google advertising tools like the Google ad Manager or the Google AdSense. Magic bid has been thoroughly reviewed and the endorse the service quality and the efficacy

Ad Mediation: magic bid accelerates providing a unified platform that integrates multiple ad networks. It also allows the developer to access a wide range of demand sources without managing the separate integration. 

Ad optimization: by growing in the algorithm Magic bid automatically optimises the ad network selection which is based on factors like eCPM. 

Dedicated support: it gives dedicated support and automatically optimises the ad network selection. This Optimisation helps in maximisation of Ad revenue that delivers the most relevant and highest paying ads to the user. 

Transparent Report: magic bid on one hand accelerates the transparent reporting that enables the developer for tracking the ad revenue and earning from a different ad network. 

Real Time Analytics: it accelerates providing detailed and real time analytics on the ad performance that allows the developer to monitor the key metrics. 

How Do I Get Access to Google AdX?

How Do I Get Access to Google AdXFor getting the access you need to go through the Google account manager or there is also a medium called Google MCM aur reach it out through a publishing channel called magicbid_ai. Here, you will get a great amount of flexibility but there is also a need for advertising technology which will help you in maximising the artery venue from the platform. If you are working with an ad tech company you need to share a part of the revenue but the partner on the other hand will be taking care of the advertising operation optimizations. 

How Do I Become a Google AdX Partner?

To become the Google Adx partner the very first thing you need to do is signing up your Google ad manager account (GAM) which will establish a good viewability and score. Invalid traffic should be avoided and there should be family and friendly content for review. After all this the Google account manager assesses the suitability of your GAM account which has been live for a few months. If in case you get the direct taxes you get the flexibility to manage your own Adx account. 

For accessing the Google Adx directly you need to: 

  • Have a Google Ad manager account. 
  • There should be no history of policy violation, invalid traffic or content that is unsafe. 
  • There should be at least 5 million page views per month. 
  • An updated ads.txt file with all the detailed buyers should be there. 
  • There should be at least 10 million Ad impression per month for at least 6 months. 

How to Choose a Google AdX Partner?

While choosing a Google Adx partner you should check list the following criterias of the partner: 

  • There should be contracts without any lock-ins. 
  • MCM account access. 
  • Transparent revenue share. 
  • Anti malvertising
  • Responsive support of the account management. 
  • Solution for gdpr and ccpa compliance. 
  • High quality partner website
  • High quality ads
  • Good reviews from the high quality website. 

Google MCM Approved Partners

Google MCM Approved PartnersGoogle has specifically switched from being a scaling partner management to a multiple Customer Management. Talking about it in brief the SPM account is phrased and will no longer be accessible with the Google Adx. Therefore there shall be a surety that you are working with Google.

The Google MCM delivers the following improvements: 

  • It comes up with a new management feature of ad.
  • The functionality for the Managing publisher permission is more. 
  • There is more transparency for the publisher. 

‘MagicBid is a Google Certified Channel Partner’. 

Conclusion – You Know What’s Important?

Finding the right adx partner is not easy and is quite a tough task but there should always be an eye out there for finding a partner that raises the potential based on the above criteria. MagicBid comes as a Google certified channel partner that helps you for building a set of premium advertisers and the ad network that respects the user, builds trust and deliver better results.