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IAB Tech Lab Guidelines: What Publishers Need to Know

The definition of instream and outstream video advertising were updated. The classification of content based on the intent was changed and a new type called accompanying content was developed by the IAB Tech Lab in the year 2022 August. These changes affected the CTV and the digital video ad format guidelines. These were crucial as it possessed the possible changes that created a great deal of the anxiety, especially for the publishers. 

Later in the year 2023, the publisher DSP and the SSP that make up the supply chain of the ecosystem decided to deliberately integrate these new standards into the operation. Even though the tactic was first met with resistance, they eventually gained hold since they are beneficial for the publishers in the long run. It is important to review the definition of the terminology and comprehend the changes in order for the publishers to better change and implement their business practices. 

IAB Tech Lab Guidelines: Why Importance 

Let us give a detailed summary of all that has been changed since the last: 

1. Dual Methods of Classifying the Videos as in-stream Experiences

Dual Methods of Classifying the Videos as in-stream ExperiencesAs per the recent study 54% of the customer prefer to watch the video advertising with sound either most of the time or always whereas the 6% never choose to do so. As per the result of a recent survey, some browsers like Google Chrome do not enable the automatic sound on as it might not provide the best experience possible. The most recent specification classifies movies as in-stream when it is obvious that the user intends to watch them. Videos that are the main content of a website relate to a user requests a topic that are considered in stream even if they don’t play audio automatically. 

On the other hand it is also important for the recognition that use of a floating player negates the classification as in stream once in transition to a floating state. 

2. The New Guidelines Describe Clear User Intent

Whenever a user Clicks on the link for the exploration of the topic the foremost expectation is finding a content that is relevant to any format. In case the video matches the subject matter of the page without any previous notification it shall be categorized as the accompanying content. If the user anticipates the link which is video based on the declaration but encounters with the mismatched content it will not qualify as in-stream. There can also be another perspective of the intent that involves the user activities. Watching the video with the sound related to the requested topic DSP on the other hands scrutinises the partner who is supplying to ensure the signal accuracy and in case where the supply sources are not reliable in signalling the DSP might default to accompany the classification of content and necessity discussion with DSP partner regarding the content classification. 

3. Accompanying Content for Enhanced Relevance in Video Advertising

Enhanced Relevance in Video Advertising

It can be seen as a new and fresh edition to the video landscape which emerged with the updated guideline and also accompanies the content. This category clearly distinguishes between the standalone and the premium  video which grant publishers the chances to propose the content to the social media platform without any label. Publishers can also gear up and deep in The Reader engagement whereas the advertiser can target the audience with the relevant topics. 

4. Understanding its Implication for the Advertiser and Publisher

The industry has clearly embraced the changes that have been kept forward and the publisher have found their new principle that prioritises the experiences which are superior for the reader and flourish the budgets from the advertiser which heightens and engagement from the audience. The transparency that is being followed up surrounds the video placement if the environment that will further benefit the buyer. There are many values that hold potential for the enhancement of all the passage in the ecosystem which have the collaborative adoption effort. The industry is wide which posters the improvement to connectivity and the transparency among the seller buyer and other industry participants. 

At Magicbid.ai we are truly dedicated to guide the publishers through the challenges which are posed by them by the recent changes that IAB has made. Here you will feel empowered to adapt and thrive in the digital landscape that keep on evolving and ensure that they can optimise the continent monetization and the engagement of the audience despite the shift industry has made. 


These days the digital environment is evolving a bit and the potential amendments that are coming are really big which is posing a lot of uncertainty in the publisher’s mind. Therefore Magicbid is one such platform that helps in building and targeting the audience and helps in the strategic placement of ad which targets the right audience at the right time. It has now become really important for the publisher to stay updated for striking the balance between maximizing the revenue and being in the competition by adhering to the compliance of the industry.