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The Importance of Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers

In today’s digital world it is very important to attract and grab the audience’s attention more effectively and what’s better than innovative ad formats. MagicBid offers new and innovative ad formats for publishers like sticky footer, interscroller, mini scrollers, and video ads. These not only enhance the user engagement but also increase the ad revenue that builds a brand reputation differentiating your landscape in the market bringing out many impactful advertising opportunities. The innovative ad formats for publishers play a crucial role and help the publisher to captivate the audience’s attention, building a strong relationship with the advertiser which contributes to long term success and sustainability. 

What are the Innovative Ad Formats?

Innovations at format are the high impact that help out the publisher in creating a strategy that drives performance across all the devices. This kind of ad format is specifically designed for the high view ability that delivers a positive user experience. These kinds of ad formats help the publisher in boosting the engagement for the advertiser and the marketer and to generate a good amount of revenue. 

Different Ad Formats

Different ad formatsIn-view Ads: They are the online advertisements which are viewable as they are displayed within the users visible browser window. These ads are placed between the text or media within the main content on the website

In-Image Ads: in image ads are a type of online advertisement that appear within the image on the web page. These enable the publisher to create an additional channel for the ad revenue. 

Sticky Ads: these ads are kind of a header on the banner which stick to a fixed position on the screen. 

Docked Ads: they are a kind of online ad format which are fixed on a specific location typically on the edges or the corner. 

How is Innovation Taking Place in Different Ad Formats?

Innovation in advertising is continuously evolving across various ad formats that are basically driven by the advancement in the changing technology. The latest formats are innovatively built that help you go beyond and above. The innovation in the ad formats is strategized to create engaging and personalized experiences for the user that deliver better results for the advertiser. As technology gets to see the advancement and consumer preference involvement, innovation is something that needs to be done. 

Let us look at the innovation that impacts the ad formats. 

Flexi Slots: The humble ad unit, in with the powerful ad zone. 

Inter Scroller: This inter-scroller blends the power and impacts the interstitial ads with the scroll interaction. 

Mini Scroller: This helps in the viewability out of a horizontal unit. 

Pimp Your Video Player: This is the customizable and the interactive video player. 

Sticky Footer Scrollbar: Get more size and value out of your sticky footer. 

New Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers


New Innovative Ad Formats for Publishers There are many kinds of innovative ad formats that have emerged for the publisher that engage the audience effectively and drive the advertising revenue. The main Challenges that a publisher faces is the bad ad layout, low click through rate and the banner blindness. Therefore to beat the same the may publisher need to have a cohesive placement strategy that will take into the consideration of the ad performance, traffic source and the user reading pattern. Due to certain factors like the banner blindness and the ad blocking the CTR might face a decline and to combat the same their need to have a multiple tracking heat map experiment which is related to the goal. 

MagicBid offers new and innovative ad formats for publishers like sticky footer, inter-scroller, mini scrollers, and video ads. Apart from them it helps to fight the industry standard, ad placement of the low viewability, bad User experience and ultimately leads to a revenue loss. 


To exist in the competition in the ad format competition it is essential to have an innovative and sustainable provider that maximizes the potential of revenue and delivers the compelling advertising experience that reflects the user processing. Therefore, you need to have such an ad format provider like magic bid that offers innovative ad format as per the requirement in various forms. It helps in capturing the audience’s attention which enhances user experience and increases ad revenue.