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Mobile Advertising SDK for Android – MagicBid SDK

Mobile advertising SDK is a software development kit and mobile SDK is used for mobile software development. It helps the apps to connect with the third party technology and the services the mobile SDK helps in integration through a developer who can access the different tools which are available and connect with the ads to run in-app ads. 

SDK is not like a mobile API as it allows a richer technology set to deliver an expensive set of tools which includes the guides, sample code and the library which help the developers to build a better application.  

Hybrid App Monetization SDK for Android: Need for Publishers

Hybrid app monetization SDK for the Android is a crucial need for publishers that is provided by magicbid as it understands the lack of an best ad monetization platform which prioritises the need of Publishers. Therefore, it comes up with many features like auto ad pilot, growth intelligence, power ad servers, demand and control, and protects from privacy and fraud as well. 

Mobile SDK Ads for Android and iOS

Mobile SDK Ads for Android and iOSThe mobile advertising SDK for Android like MagicBid offers many benefits that help the developer to integrate the app directly to an ad network to leverage with the global premium advertisers. Mobile SDK ads for the Android and iOS have their own set of advantages and it totally depends on the choice of the project and the team expertise for that programming. 


These are the mobile app tool which strengthens the developer to base different ad units for the determination of which is going to be best fit to the user. Though it totally depends on how the user sees and how he give the feedback. This kind of ad also gives a nice impact on the ad unit like the interstitial ads, native video ads, rewarded video ads and the over all videos. 

When it comes to the integration of the mobile application with the help of the SDK then you get to see many benefits. In this the developers will be able to connect themselves with the app directly to any leading and network so that they can be used to a global advertiser that is not only premium but also demanding in the app inventory. 

Through this the developers will be easily planning and executing the adt into their own app and help in the determination of the best placement timing and the ad frequency. 

Mobile Integration

1. Easy Integration

The Mobile ad SDK turns out to be highly productive in a very good way. The integration of the ad monetization in a mobile application. This kind of ad is available into the app only and the mobile SDK makes the worth smooth by allowing the developers to integrate it with the high quality ad units like the interactive ads, rewarded video ads and the interstitial video ads without worrying about caching and other issues. 

2. Granular Data

This kind of SDK also help you deal with all the information that’s crucial about the ad at a much granular level. Through this the developers get space to access the data that is user specific which clearly allows them to offer the ad that also helps them to identify that which is going to be the best time that can help generate the highest revenue and the CPM rate. 

SDK Monetization

Software development kit or SDK monetization means the process through which the revenue can be generated through the distribution of it. These are the collection of software tools, documentation, and the libraries which the developers use and implement in the creation of an application for the specific framework, service and the program. 

What is Magicbid SDK Mobile Advertising?

MagicBid SDK should be the best choice for mobile advertising as it helps in generating maximum revenue through faster and smarter means using the cutting edge solution of a new age technology that helps you gain in the potential as well. In this competitive world of mobile advertising, it also helps you to stand out as an ultimate partner with your true potential as it comes up with innovative monetization solutions that satisfy you, making you a valuable asset within this ad industry. 

MagicBid not only helps you in boosting your revenue but also helps you gain complete control with transparency that empowers growth. With MagicBid you can double your mobile advertising revenue. 

Why Should You Choose MagicBid for SDK Monetization?

1. SDK ad units

Magicbid is a monetization platform that not only helps in boosting your revenue but also mediate through certain ads like interstitial ads and banner ads. It also offers you an interactive creative which makes the creative innovation more exciting and helps you in mobile advertising that drive growth and CPM for the developers. 

2. Programmatic SDK

This feature is going to play a crucial role in the monetization landscape. Magicbid not only helps developers with the technology but also helps in the accessibility and in app traffic that helps you in managing this whole process in a seamless way. 

3. Key Advantages

There are certain key advantages of Magic Bid that helps it stand away from all other competitors. It offers a unified SDK that helps the developers reach the top in terms of ecpm. Apart from this it also offers a platform that empowers growth, transparency, trust and an unbiased ad setup that automatizes everything. 

How to 2X Your Mobile App Revenue with Magic Bid SDK

How to 2X your Mobile App Revenue with MagicBid SDK

You can double your mobile app revenue with the help of Magicbid SDK as it’s going to be the ultimate partner that will help you in development and unlock the true potential of the app. The app mediation of it is advanced which let’s the ad format with different payout option, managing the ad quality testing segment and the ad placement. It emerges as a trustworthy technology that is totally transparent and unbiased taking full control of the ad setup. Segmenting the user with a specific filter MagicBid speeds of the segment driving a higher growth and revenue. 

Benefits of MagicBid SDK

MagicBid consolidates all other bids and the waterfalls which enables the ad demand sources to compete in the real time through a hybrid auction therefore this ensures you consistently achieve the highest eCPM for your ads. Apart from this magicbid also shares many other benefit as building custom ad waterfalls that tailors to the user behaviour and demographics, it helps in segmenting the user based on in app specific filter driving higher engagement and revenue this speed of the management with magic bid preset segments and ensures the right ad is served at the right time to the right audience. 

Ready to Boost Your Revenue?

Are you ready to maximize or boost Your revenue with the MagicBid SDK? It clearly empowers the user to engage with the ads as per their preference of choice while increasing the highest revenue ad format. They also boost the ad revenue without compromising the retention of users. 

It supports ad formats like interstitial ads, banner ads, MREC ads, rewarded video ads, native ads, playable ads, and rich media ads. 


MagicBid mobile ads SDK acts as a seamless and fast platform that helps in significant engagement and when you grow starting from the execution of the ad to the reporting, it will be as a true and reliable monetization partner in any sense. It also guarantees maximum revenue by the incorporation of the high revenue of ad format into your strategy with the unified SDK empowering growth.