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Monetization Strategy for Apps: Ways to Monetize Mobile Apps

In the modern technical world having a portable device that has an internet and is loaded with various mobile applications has become an integral part of life. It fulfills the requirement differently. There are many applications which are available on the app store through which app developers monetize their creations. 

Magicbid SDK comes with over 200 ad demand sources and zero response time. It improves efficiency and streamlines the process. Monetizing a mobile application involves the implementation of various strategies that generate revenue for the users. Let us understand various approaches through which app developers can make money with the help of mobile applications. 

What is Mobile App Monetization?

What is Mobile App MonetizationMobile app monetization refers to the process of generating revenue from a mobile application. Therefore, the developers implementing various strategies will turn it into a profitable thing. The mobile app monetization will balance the revenue goal while providing value to the user. 

It is a kind of embedding method that is employed by the developers for generating revenue.

Ways to Monetize Mobile Apps

Magicbid SDK ensures the continuity of the app which is very important as it can only be received by its monetization. The developer or innovator can adopt several methods that should not only concentrate on app monetization but also build up brand loyalty. It is scaling up the app and giving a sustainable result. Mobile app monetization is very crucial and the SDK provides insights for the emerging content creators as it drives the strategy as well as utilizing the new age technology. 

Ways to Monetize Mobile AppsThere are several ways that you can look forward to the monetization of mobile apps. In app advertising that boosts revenue, freemium model gives a scalable result, in app purchase repeat the customer, crowdfunding, sponsorship builds brand loyalty. Therefore, these methods can be few ways for app monetization. Additionally, using the best app monetization platforms such as Magicbid SDK, Unity ads, Google Admob and chartboost helps you a lot in expansion. 

Best App Monetization Platforms

1. Google AdMob

It is a mobile advertising platform which is developed by Google that allows the developer to monetize their mobile application by displaying the in-app ads. It easily integrates with other Google services and supports various ad formats like video ads, native video ads, interstitials, and banner ads. This is beneficial for the developers who are offering free applications by displaying ads within their apps. Developers can generate revenue without relying on the upfront purchase or in-app purchase as well. Google Admob strikes the right balance between user satisfaction and monetization giving a long-time success. 

2. MagicBid SDK

This software development kit gives access to more than 200 ad sources where they bid with each other in the auction eventually increasing the revenue. The mobile app and the game advertising revenue also get a boost by the MagicBid tool. It also provides services such as in-app advertising and user acquisition. It also supports a variety of ad formats. 

It helps in kickstarting the app monetization engine giving you unlimited revenue potential.  It is very important to find an effective way to generate paramount of revenue. It have sustainability of any app therefore the magicbid SDK offers a cutting edge solution that maximize the mobile app potential. 

3. Chartboost

This is basically designed by the game developers and offers a solution for user acquisition and monetization. This basically focuses on mobile games and has direct deals at marketplaces where developers can set up direct advertising deals with the developers and the advertisers. Chartboost also offers a variety of ad formats like banner ads, rewarded videos, and interstitial ads with a specific user segment based on factors like location, demographics, or behaviour. It turns out to be an important factor in the success of any advertising platform. 

4. Unity Ads

These are designed to help the developer for monetization of their applications and mobile games. It supports advertising that facilitates the integration of the game advertisers in an easy way. It also lets us incorporate the ad format such as banners, interstitials, and rewarded video ads for monetization and user interaction. Just build up a higher engagement rate and maintain the Global reach. This also integrates with the Unity game engine and ad revenue optimization. 

Why Monetization Strategy for Apps: Important these days? 

The monetization strategy of apps are very necessary these days therefore there should be certain strategies that should be followed to achieve the same objective. After monetization, the application turns out to be a source of revenue generation specially for the businesses and the developers. Therefore, it becomes a sustainable revenue stream and also provides a long-term growth.

It is a successful strategy and also provides incentive for the innovators in this highly competitive app market. It is essential to stand out there for the developers to meet to offer value to the user and find a way to sustain their business. 

Magicbid SDK offers an in-app bidding technology and comes with impressive fill rates. This monetization always comes to the rescue. Monetization strategy also provides valuable insights into the behaviour and preferences and analyses the data which helps the developers make a well-refined decision and use that strategy well for the improvement of the app.

How to Make Money with Apps?

How to Make Money with AppsThere are various ways that you can implement for making money through the apps: 

1. In-App Advertising

One of the simplest and easiest ways to monetize a mobile application is in-app advertising. This helps you on revenue based on the impression and click that you received. You can get associated with different advertising networks. It also helps in user interaction and increases the probability of reaching the target audience, generating traffic, and social media networking. 

The advanced features make it more seamless and user friendly giving a high probability of target audience reach. 

2. Freemium Model

This offers a basic version for a free app with a limited feature and also comes with a premium upgrade which has additional features where you can remove ads by upgrading to the premium version from the basic one. 

There are no intrusive ads in the freemium model and comes up with a compatible approach. 

3. In-App Purchase

A popular mobile application where users can purchase virtual items and have an upgrade within the same. Three distinctions are consumable items, non-consumable items, and subscription models. In the former, you can buy virtual goods for currency, in the non-consumable one you have a one-time purchase for an item or feature. In the subscription model users will pay a recurring fee to access the premium content or the feature. 

With higher profits generation it comes up with advanced services through the application. This also keeps the credit details safe. 

4. Subscription Based Model

If you are looking for a monetization strategy for apps, a subscription-based model is best. It offers various kinds of subscriptions to the user where you can take it on a monthly or annual basis and streamline your app revenue. 

In the subscription model, you get a higher user engagement with ad-free access that eventually results in a reliable income. 

5. Sponsorship

It is one of the most common applications of monetization prevalent these days. You need to get associated with various brands promote their services and earn in return. This model also helps in the improvement of user engagement and maintains the credibility of the application additionally, The revenue can be divided equally in this. 

6. Crowdfunding

It is a kind of finance model where you raise a small amount of money from a large number of people and fund the project. In this model, there is no risk of a front cost and it offers a fast way to finance any application. 

It is an easy way to finance any application without any risk. This also gives access to funding with a seamless investor relationship. 

7. Transaction Fees

Transaction fee is also a relevant practice for the monetization strategy for apps. This can turn out to be a profitable method where your application will be monetized based on the daily transactions done by the users or any third-party vendors. 

Cashless transactions are promoted without any investment and user credibility. 


The changing landscape needs a well-developed monetization strategy for apps and is essential for the financial health and sustainability of the mobile application. Magicbid SDK helps in being profitable giving a holistic approach. Do you know about ad monetization strategies for in-app publishers.

It not only authorizes the developers to sail across the competitive landscape but also helps in recovering the cost and delivering value to the user while maintaining business. You can make money through apps by utilizing services such as in-app advertising, crowdfunding, sponsorship, and others. Besides, Magicbid turns out to be a great app monetization that aims to increase the revenue of the developers and innovators.