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Video Ads Vs Banner Ads: Which is better for you?

The digital marketing world keeps on changing and one of the most burning questions that comes along while forming a strategy is which is more effective between video ads vs banner ads? 

This has been a point of debate in the corporate world as to which of these advertisements is conquering the landscape online. MagicBid comes as a solution that helps the publisher in increasing the number of viewable impressions and get the maximum value for each impression that includes display video and native. It also helps you to empower your brand by conveying a perfect message as MagicBid is rich in media ads that offer you an industry leading format with better attention and great use of experience. There are many alarming strategies which engage the audience with the information retention, flexibility and the immediate impact. As these at play a major role in expounding the brand image online, let’s take you to an approach that will help you make an informed decision as per your need. 

What is Video Advertising?

What is Video AdvertisingVideo ads act as a window to enter the digital marketing field. It helps in the promotion of brand promotion of products and reach target audience. You can accompany your story and enhance it by the audio giving it a mesmerised look out. These ads are generated on platforms like social media networks, YouTube or other streaming services. You can master the art of storytelling that clearly resonates with your audience giving a crisp and clear message that will create a long lasting impact. 

These kinds of advertisements use visuals along with the audio for framing stories that are appealing. 

What is Banner Advertising?

Banner ads act as an ultimate brand endorser. They captivate the attention of the user with the visual elements in form of images, graphic, text and sometimes animation that conveys a valuable message. They are a form of square ads that are positioned strategically to bring out users attention. 

Let’s delve deeper and look out the distinction between video ads vs banner ads. 

Video Advertising Vs Banner Advertising

Engagement and Impact

Video Ads: these kinds of ads give the user an emotional connection and the publisher can deliver messages that are loaded with visual and sound. 

Banner Ads: These kind of ads appeal you and are a bit challenging when it comes to grabbing your attention as compared to the video ads. 

Storytelling and Messaging

Video Ads: video ads are complete in its own experimental form and they enable you to convey the message through the medium of storytelling so that it resonates with the message of your brand. 

Banner Ads: this kinds of ads help you with the CTA in an effective way. 

User Experience: These are well framed and it contributes to the user in a positive way that does not disrupt the flow. 

Reach and Platform

Video Ads: These kinds of ads give a good flourishment on social media and YouTube and eventually give you a wide reach. 

Banner Ads: These kinds of ads offer a way of a targeted demographic. 

Similarities of Video Advertising and Banner Advertising

These both kinds of ads underline the similarity in the realm of digital marketing. 

Visual Appearance: These both kinds of ads explode out the graphic, colour, and design that curates the engaging content. 

Creative Design: These both kinds of format gives an effective skill for design and helps you convey the brand message. 

Brand Visibility: Both of these ads contribute to enhancing the logo of the brand, upgrades its identity and message uplifting the brand. 

Call To Action: These ads include CTA that helps a user to perform a specific action. 

What are Facebook Video Ads? 

What are facebook video adsThese are a kind of advertising format that are displayed on the Facebook platform and on the affiliated applications like Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook ads are visually appealing as it contains a short video that displays on your feed and story containing a message. These kinds of ads are visual and give good engagement metrics. These ads can also be customised as per need of the brand. 

Which is better for you?

When it comes to deciding between the video ads vs banner ads you should better watch out what is going to align better with your brand objective. 

  1. Brand Storytelling and Engagement: if you are looking for a way to connect emotionally to your views or visitor, video ad is going to be an ultimate solution as it offers you a great medium. 
  2. Cost Efficiency and Swift Message: At the initial States there needs to be a cost effective way that could deliver the proper message without burning a large amount therefore banner and will be a practical choice for the same. 
  3. Audience Reach and Platform Suitability: video ads can be made available at various social media networks and platforms that help you dive deep into the content giving a potential impact. 


There is a clean choice between the banner ad and video ads and that totally depends on the available resource business reach and the target audience. Video ads will in turn be more preferable if you want to establish the emotional connect and if you are looking for something cost effective and yet impactful banner ads will be a good option. Magicbid will be the ultimate saviour as it enables you to run video ad server with the programmatic and direct campaigns that will clearly maximise your revenue.