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What Are Multiplex Ads? Everything You Need to Know!

These are the Google native ad format which enables you to deliver the reason recommendation on your device. Are you on the way to get attention on the internet? It is difficult to stand in the crowd with so much competition and attention but there is always a workable solution to that which is Multiplex ads. This kind of ad structure assists you in a relatively new way looking for the potential. Magicbid is one such platform that is counted among the best multiplex ads providers that you need to watch out for. By then let us understand the multiplex ad in the best way possible. 

What Are Multiplex Ads?

Multiplex ads are a form of native ad format that delivers the content recommendation. It acts on the desktop or the mobile device. These kinds of ads are open for auction in the ad manager and can also be customised as per the requirement of a website. They are basically in the format of A grid but the layout of it can be changed as further need. These ads do not cover a larger area on the website. 

Benefits of Multiplex Ads

  •  These kinds of advertisements are provided by google, usually the other providers do not do so and with the multiplex ads the contracts also do not have a restriction. 
  • Google has a great amount of ad purchasers. Therefore, the publishers who are concerned should not be having any issue regarding the Impressions being blank. 
  • If you are a purchaser of Multiplex adts you should waive off any problems that are related to the quality as it gives the best quality because Google verifies it. 
  • Fetching a correct balance between the experience that the user gets and the advertising is quite a task but with the multiplex ads it is not. 
  • It is always a smart idea to use this ad as using a new type always combats a banner. 

Additional Revenue Opportunity with Multiplex Ads

Additional Revenue Opportunity with Multiplex Ads

It also offers a higher click through rate that often features a variety of content and ad format that encourages investment. They help in the increasing of the ad inventory by the ad auctions and the bidding in the real time for the ad placement and consecutively attracts more advertiser that leads to higher competition and potentially higher ad rates. 

How to Get Started with Multiplex Ads in Google Ad Manager?

If you are acquainted with setting up the access of Multiplex ads on your website,  the process is quite similar when it comes to setting it up on your Google Ad manager account. 

  • Open and login to your GAM account. 
  • Select the Multiplex ad from the down drop option on the main page under delivery. 
  • Google will automatically determine the ad layout and the multiplex ad layout for both mobile device and the desktop as you select dynamically. 
  • Disable the option of ‘Let Google optimise layout’ in case you are in the mood to modify your ad. 
  • You have to choose a layout offered by Google for the multiplex advertising after disabling the configuration of default. 
  • The single column can be chosen that will have a landscape image which is for desktop rail placement and the mobile devices. 
  • Single columns with square images can be chosen for rail placement and for mobile devices. 
  • Multi column with the landscape image can be chosen which are available exclusively for the desktop
  • Choosing the optimal font or the colour design can be on Google or you can customise and why yourself too. 
  • After specifying find the targeting parameter of the multiplex ad, then go to save and continue and configure later with all the parameters. 

How to Analyse the Performance of Multiplex Ads?

How to Analyse the Performance of Multiplex AdsFor getting the valuable insights you need to analyse the performance of Multiplex ads so that you need to create a report on the multiplex ads in a manner: 

You need to select the option of reporting and then go to the reports where you will find the new report on the ad manager home page. 

After filling in the details, select the Multiplex style name in the dimension setting. Thereafter, select the total Multiplex cell impressions which will show the number of times a user has viewed the ad present in the grid. 

Best Multiplex Ads Providers 

Multiplex ads are the Google native ad formats which helps in delivering the recommendation on the desktop of any other format. As a programmatic starter you should help grow the ad revenue of the clients. Multiplex ads serve a brand safe content recommendation  that comes up with the native ads. You need to access yourself with the best multiplex ad provider such as Magicbid, Mgid, Tabula, etc that helps you grow and take advantage of their higher ad quality standards and build a large pool of available buyers. Magicbid doubles your CPM rates helping you optimise the layout. 

How to Place Multiplex Ads on Your Website

Placing of Multiplex ads on your website involves several steps: 

  • Choose an Ad Network Or Platform: You need to select the ad network or the programmatic platforms that will support the multiplex ads. Thereafter, you should sign up for the account and then complete the registration process and thereafter get the approval. 
  • Generate Ad Codes and Choose the Ad Placement: Once you approve, you should login to the ad network creating the ad unit. Thereafter, identify the strategic location. 
  • Insert Ad Codes and Optimize: Get the generated codes optimised and then paste the HTML code of your website. Experiment with the ad concept and the targeting options. 
  • Comply with Ad Policies: Ensure the compliance with the ad policy and the guideline that is said forth. 
  • Monitor and Maintain: You need to regularly monitor the performance of your multiplex ads making the adjustments, staying updated with the best practices. 


Multiplex advertising is an excellent solution that adds up to your inventory and increases your revenue from ads. You need to weigh all the drawbacks and the benefits before adopting it. Magicbid emergee out to be one of the most emerging multiplex ads provider that double up the CPM and optimses the layout.