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What are Video Ads for Websites?

Video ads for website is the kind of advertisement which appears in the format of a video on the web page is called the video ad for the website. These kinds of ads are specifically designed for captivating the attention of the visitors. This kind of advertisement system is self explanatory that is offered on the website that includes entertainment, e-commerce, and news sites. MagicBid is a boon for the publishers that is responsible for internal ad mediation that lends you power to get rid of invalid source of ad and traffic. 

What are Video Ads?

The video ads are a kind of ads that are available in the format of a video which are available online. They are soft within or outside the content of a page. 

All You Need to Know About Video Ads for Website

Video Ads for Website

Looking up for what are video ads? Let’s have a detailed look out. For getting a better customer engagement it is very important to use the video advertising system as it increases the ratio of clients interaction. Awareness consideration and conversion are the three market KPI that are used when it comes to video advertising. 

Get to Know How to Create an Effective Video Ad for Your Business

Here are the five tips and tricks that will help you create an effective video ad. 

1. Make Sure to Include the Most Compelling Part at the Beginning

You can grab the potential of your customer in a very limited time and generate a spark and interest in them. Therefore, for this you need an eye -catching video that will provide a high quality video and attract your viewer in just a few seconds. If the viewer gets attracted by your ad you can prevent them from skipping it and that will help you to grow. 

2. Tell About Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

The reason of promoting a brand is to be known by every customer therefore you need to stand apart with the competitive market and make sure that you answer every queries in your video ad. 

3. Choose the Optimal Length of Your Video

There should always be an ensured length of a video. The advertisement that you are making should not go beyond 30-40 seconds or more. Therefore, you need to be crisp and sharp with every detail information in that span of time. 

4. Provide Convincing Arguments that Your Brand is Worth the Customer’s Trust

If a viewer is watching your ad he needs to know about the brand and its worth therefore you should talk about the warranty that the technology provides, the innovative feature and mention all the crucial and important points that are enough to convince them. 

5. Consider Using a CTA

The call to action button act as an encouraging point for the people for doing the desired action. Therefore, the process of creating ads are clear as you need a number of visitors on your side. 

How Do Video Ads Work?

How Do Video Ads WorkThe video ads work as it serves as a promotional message to the viewer through the content of the video. 

Let us understand the working process of it: 

  • After clicking the play button, the message is conveyed to the web server with a code through which you can access the content. 
  • The video player requests a video from the ad server of the publisher. 
  • The ad server will then send a code back then. 
  • The player now contacts the ad server to request the location of the relevant ad. 
  • The ads are stored in the CDN and are recieved back the ad. 

How Much Do Video Ads Pay?

Video ads can help you earn a good amount if it aligns well. For this there needs to be traffic loaded websites. In case, the video ads are not implemented well there money may not be generated. 

Why You Should Use Video Ads to Monetize Your Website

When it comes to video advertising, this comes with a market approach by which the market performance of the business is also increased. Promotional videos are also a good strategy that helps in targeting the audience and also builds the customer trust. Magicbid helps in the maximization of the revenue with the faster technology. It helps in the promotion keeping transparency and empowers growth. 

Companies these days are using video formats for the promotion of products. There are many reasons behind why the most part of the businesses consider the video ads for the promotion. 

The reason behind this include:

  • It gives you a broad international audience. 
  • Enhances ROI
  • Uplifts the conversion rate
  • Gives an excellent CTR
  • Enhances credibility and trust
  • Gives a good ranking on google
  • Good mobile user engagement
  • High visibility level
  • Boosts traffic online

How to Put Video Ads on Your Websites

After covering all the basics of what a video ad is and how the working system works when it comes to them, let us understand how you can put video ads on your website in a step to step guideline. 

Let us know it In 6 Simple Steps
1. Decide The Ad Format You Want To Use

The ad formats are available with multiple options therefore you need to choose the one for yourself. In-stream and out-stream video ads are two of the popular categories in them so you need to know how to choose between both of them. 

The instream ads show up within the videos stream before, during or after a video. They are also usually profitable and ones out to be powerful when it comes to the generation of revenue. They are having more engagement,  higher CPM and are difficult to ignore. At the same time they also require the existing video content that require an HTMLS player. 

The outstream ads are served outside of a native video stream. They are not as intrusive and are easier to target the audience but at the same time they have an easy overlook and are not as profitable as the instream video ads. 

2. Join a Reliable Video Ad Network

If you need to choose a video ad network there should be a proper consistency and you should know what is going to be the right and wrong for your business. The video ad acts as a point of contract between the seller and the publisher who want to sell their inventory to the advertisers who want to buy it. They also take an ad space by the publisher offering the advertiser auction that is known as real time bidding and the advertiser gets to set the parameter for the campaigning which involves the budget, frequency and the target audience. 

When it comes to the contract between the publisher and the ad networks they take the percentage of every time transaction while the rest directly goes to the publisher. You should better choose the ad network that has better availability and helps you monetize your video across different channels. 

3. Find a Video Player With Extensive Ad Support

In order to have a right ad network you need to choose among the good online video players which is as important as anything. It’s important as it helps you fetch the highest traffic quality delivering the best ads. In case the visitor of your website does not get to see the ad because your video player is not performing up to the mark then it’s all for nothing. 

Therefore, you need to choose among the premium video player that is worth the price they are charging as with them you will get clear access to all the support systems on a professional basis who will address the issue that you face. 

4. Configure The Player and Implement Your Ad Tags

Configuring the player and implementing it with the ad tags is the step that you actually need to take if you want to display ads on the website. There are several step that are involved in the target video content management system. 

You need to navigate the target video CMS account on the website where you want to add the ads to. 

You want to apply the new setting then explore the players on the left side of the menu and then add new on the top of that page. Later to that adjust a monetization option of your player and change any other required setting according to your preference. 

The new ad tag is ready to be inserted and after that you can close the setting and choose the set player ad stack. The pre, mid and post roll ads can also be added. 

5. Embed Videos on Your Website

After doing all the above formalities now the video ads are ready to be set up. So, you can easily retrieve the embed codes of your website from the library. 

6. Track Ad Performance and Optimize Your Creatives

After setting up everything on the website the website visitor can see the ad which can help you fetch the income but its not the end of your work as it is really important to keep a proper eye on how the ad performs and to optimise it and a regular basis. 

Therefore, for doing all these you need to have an analytics tool that is advanced and also help you target impression ctr, impressions, engagement and the performance data. 


Video Ads for websites always play a crucial role that enhances the effectiveness of the website in one or the other way. It helps in increasing the engagement rates, improving the conversion rate and also pay heed to the brand awareness by many monetization opportunities. It helps the business to tailor the creative content and become a champion of their field through the storytelling ads and conveying the desired message to the viewer. Magicbid also comes into picture when it comes to the monetization of the ad. It helps in driving out higher engagement, revenue and speeds up the overall management system. The article above gives a clear overview about the video Ads for website and how it is going to turn beneficial for your business.