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What is Hybrid Monetization – MagicBid.Ai

What is hybrid monetization? Lets land up on its whole model. It refers to the business strategy or model which combines multiple methods that generate revenue. This monetization method comes as a mixture of different approaches together. This model of monetization uses the combination of in- app purchases and In-app ads that blend together to maximize revenue at large. The clear goal of the developer is to enrich the lifetime value by using any number of those combinations together. 

The hybrid monetization model comes as a strategic move that improves the user to enhance the app base. It also helps to enlarge the lifetime value overall. This model helps in the ad integration to maximize the revenue which is further made easy by the Magicbid SDK. 

Where did Hybrid Monetization come from? 

Earlier there were not so many ways through which money could be made from the applications as there were only unlimited sources. Users then had two options: either they could make an in-app purchase or they may pay to download. Developers used to make their profit from the impression and the banner ad which turned out to be a solid way to generate revenue. 

There were also many loops in this as many of them were not spending money on In app purchase, for a month. Therefore, the developers need to think about the other streams to generate revenue. 

The market starts to become more competitive and so are the developers. Hence, thinking of new ways turned out to be really necessary. A monetization strategy was much needed as it helps to improve the experience of how ads were interwoven and thereafter came the hybrid monetization model. 

Hybrid Monetization for Mobile Gaming Apps

Hybrid monetization for mobile gaming appsIn the hybrid monetization model the gaming app has to add a combination of strategy together in order to generate revenue and enlarge the profit percent. The in-app purchase, Advertising, Subscription, DLC and expansion packs, sponsorship and partnership, rewards and offer helps in diversification of revenue stream and cater different players for the overall profitability. 

In casual games the ads are the only thing around which the monetization revolves. Therefore, you need to hold the benefit and skill level which is usually simple and make the game accessible to the large number of audience. 

What are Rewarded Video Ads? 

The rewarded video ads are used typically in the games and in mobile applications where users get the option to watch an advertisement on a voluntary basis in exchange of some benefit or in app reward.

There are several benefits of rewarded video ads that lead to success. These kinds of ads create a value in exchange from all the advertisers for getting the content and building a positive association with the ads. The developers can also make use of these kinds of apps to provide a high quality user experience. 

Designing the Ad into the App

It is very important to give a user-friendly and seamless experience to the user. Sometimes the ads get designed in the actual application. The extra life could also be given to the player for watching a quick app or there could be a special weapon to reach on to the next level, for instance. 

Hence, Designing the ad into the app could be a better option for high quality in game monetization that could attract the user. 

In-App Bidding and What it Means for Developers

In-app bidding and what it means for developersWith the help of In-app bidding, the developers are able to sell the ad inventory in auction. This kind of bidding refers to the optimization and selling of the ad inventory. Talking about the traditional way the developer could integrate different kinds of ad networks into their app and manage it individually that could be time consuming and inefficient too. 

In contrast with the in-app bidding, the developers could run simultaneous auctions and maximise their revenue as it comes as an automated process. This kind of bidding also helps in creating a good network of ecosystems that not only allows developers to make use of the opportunity but also helps in the increase of ad impression that eventually leads to the growth of your business. 

The in app bidding also saves the time to manage the data giving a high CPM that increases revenue for the publisher. 

Other Ads that Helps you Monetize: Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads

The Hybrid Monetization model comes from a traditional way therefore, it also supports different kinds of ads. 

Passive Ad Experiences

In this kind of ad experience you don’t need to have an acting engagement and it also requires a minimum physical space from the audience. You can seamlessly integrate the user environment without interrupting their service. Native advertising, static display, product placement, background ad and sponsored ads are some of the example of passive ad experience. 

This kind of ad clearly captivate the audience attention without disrupting the current activity maintaining a positive and user friendly experience. Banner ads were prevalent at times and appeared on the top and bottom of the screen in the form of text, video or image. They are also a kind of passive ad experience that drives a high volume of traffic. 

Interstitial ads on the other hand are a full screen overlay which turn out to be engaging as compared to the banner ad. They do not generate impressions as compared with the banner ads but have a high CPM rate. 

Hybrid monetization will continue to evolve with the evolving change in the Dynamics the mobile ad industry, will also have a change in hybrid and so will the monetization strategies.

The app and the developer will turn the hybrid model and maximise the revenue using a combination of strategies. 


The Hybrid Monetization Model can go on any of the platforms. it can be posted on Android, iOS Or any other existing platform. Hence, the MagicBid SDK also has the capability to monetize the hybrid apps which are developed on other technology other than the native technology. This involves a combination of Technical integration strategic decisions that makes the ongoing monitoring to ensure that it is maximizing your advertising revenue while giving a positive user experience.