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Maximize revenue : Smarter and Faster using new age technology. MagicBid offers cutting-edge solutions to maximize your mobile app monetization potential.

Why Choose MagicBid for Your Mobile App Monetization?

In the competitive world of mobile app development, MagicBid stands out as the ultimate partner for those seeking to unlock the true potential of their apps. MagicBid provides innovative monetization solutions for user satisfaction. It helps your app be a valuable asset within the constantly evolving app industry.

Boost your Revenue

App mediation Advanced ad formats Different payout options

Complete Control

Mediation Management Ad Quality A/B Testing Segments & Placements


Reporting Tools LTV Prediction


UA Automation Ad Exchange Cross Promotion


Enable DSPs to compete in a unified real-time auction, maximizing competition and optimizing your ad revenue.

Take Full Control, Get Total Transparency

Unified SDK

Unified SDK

A Single SDK to Reach the Top Bidders Ensure the highest eCPM for your product.
Platform Empowers Growth

Platform Empowers Growth

A Unified Platform to Unleash your Growth Get personalized insights to scale your apps.
Transparent, Trustworthy & Unbiased

Transparent, Trustworthy & Unbiased

A Trustworthy Technology Totally Transparent and Unbiased, take full control of your ad setup, or automatize everything.

Guarantee maximum revenue by incorporating high-revenue ad formats into your strategy.

Empower your users to engage with ads according to their preferences while accessing high-revenue ad formats. Boost your ad revenues without compromising user retention.

Let DSPs Compete in a Real-time Unified Auction

MagicBid seamlessly consolidates all bids and waterfalls, enabling ad demand sources to compete in real-time through a hybrid auction. This ensures you consistently achieve the highest eCPM for your ads.

Get Higher ARPDAU By Customizing
Your Ad Experiences

Build custom ad waterfalls tailored to your user behavior & demographics.

Segment users based on in-app specific filters.

Ensure the right ad is served at the right time, to the right audience.

Speed up management with Magicbid preset segments.

Drive higher engagement and revenue.

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