Magic Shield - Advanced Ad Fraud Prevention Solution

Say Goodbye to Ad Fraud & Invalid Traffic across Mobile, Desktop, Connected TV (CTV)

How it works

Magic-Shield is a cutting-edge ad fraud prevention solution by MagicBid, utilizing new age technology and real-time analytics, ensures a secure and trustworthy advertising environment, for both advertisers and publishers. It helps our publishers in better fill, match rate and higher e-cpm and advertisers to get better performance for their advertising campaigns.

With Magic Shield, You can ...

Investigate Adfraud Instantly

Validate Traffic in accordance with MRC guidelines for both General & Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Protect Ads Spamming

Filter out invalid clicks and protect your ads from getting displayed on suspicious sources

Verify Users And Affiliates

If you engage in third party traffic, it would be useful to know , if the traffic source conned you

Insights From Page Visits

Know if a user visit / page view is from a genuine or suspicious source. Handy when buying traffic

Validate Conversions

Use our APIs as a postback with any tool and check if the conversion is fake or genuine

Verify Users IPs and Domains

If you just want to verify IPs, Domains / App Bundles, you have hit the spot.

Get Scources Reports

Drilled down reports on your traffic quality. Get to know the bad sources, threats detected etc.

Protect And Block IVT's

Enable stronger supply chain. Integrate through magic tag and MagicSDK

Publishers Challenges

Invalid Clicks

Click spam arises when numerous clicks on an ad stem from a single user within a brief period or when an excessive number of clicks originate from a shared IP address. Google deems such clicks as invalid, potentially not contributing to earnings. Upon detecting click spam, Google issues a warning; persistent issues may lead to the suspension of the publisher's account.


When advertisers identify fraudulent activity in an advertiser's account, they might levy a chargeback against the publisher, recovering earnings from the deceptive clicks. These chargebacks, substantial in impact, can swiftly nullify a publisher's legitimate click and impression earnings.

Account Blocked

Advertisers aim for their ads to reach a specific audience and are willing to pay a premium for it. Yet, if click spam or fraudulent traffic is identified, advertisers may question the integrity of the received traffic. This suspicion could lead them to believe that the publisher is intentionally involved in deceptive practices, regardless of the publisher's actual intent.

Loss of Credibility

If an advertiser identifies click spam, it imposes penalties and chargebacks on the publisher. These repercussions not only inflict financial damage but also tarnish the publisher's reputation. Advertisers might steer clear of collaborating with publishers penalized by Google and other networks, perceiving them as unreliable or untrustworthy due to the ineffectiveness of their ads in generating traffic and conversions.

Loss in Rankings

Engaging in click spam can severely impact a publisher's search engine rankings, causing enduring harm to their business. Click spam contributes to a high bounce rate and weak user engagement, signaling to search engines that the website lacks relevance and appeal. Consequently, this can lead to a diminished ranking in search results, significantly affecting both traffic and revenue.

Low quality Traffic

Illegitimate traffic sources are typically of poor quality, failing to deliver the desired audience for ads. Publishers might acquire traffic from click farms or bot networks, generating clicks and impressions from non-human sources. Consequently, the ads may not attract relevant traffic, prompting advertisers to either withdraw their ads or negotiate lower payments.

How do we help

Magic Shield's MagicTag offers a powerful way to combat click spam, allowing Website & App owners to easily detect and block unwanted traffic in real-time. With Magic Shield, you can identify the sources of click spam, ensure that website analytics reflect genuine user behavior, and improve the overall performance and user experience of your website.

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Publishers Challenges

Publishers Challenges

Invalid Clicks


Account Blocked

Loss of Credibility

Loss in Rankings

Low quality Traffic

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