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Boost earnings for web and app publishers

MagicBid: Tech firm offers publishers optimized ad solutions, easy integration, and expert ad consultancy to maximize revenue from ad space

Publishers & Ad Networks

Monetize every page on your website with interactive ad units

Video Ad Server that extra run programmatic and direct campaigns

Maximize Revenue with competition across demand types and dynamic floor pricing

Designed to get the most out of Google AdX

Invite third-party demand partners

Google’s Open Bidding is a server-side unified auction where various ad exchanges, SSPs, and networks can simultaneously bid for an impression. Our expertise will ensure that publisher’s get the highest value for each impression through our optimization.

Refresh your ad inventory in a smarter way

Our Solution will help publishers in increasing the number of viewable impressions and get maximum value from each impression.

Managed Ad Exchange Account

Now Publishers can get their own Google Ad exchange account in less than 2 minutes. Under MCM partnership, Publisher can activate Google demand in their GAM account

Managed Ad-Operations

Our Ad Ops expert team can also manage your programmatic and direct campaigns. You can outsource your Ad operations completely to us and we will offer you

Programmatic Deals

Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals allow publishers to offer their inventory to multiple buyers in an automated fashion that in turn helps to instantly increase their advertising revenue. Our current technology and demand enables publishers to earn more with high cpm demands.

Rich Media Ads

We will offer you Industry leading and IAB approved ad formats for better attention & maximum revenue along with great user experience.

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